Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Al the Retired Army Guy vs. John McCain

In the comment section of yesterday's post, Al the Retired Army Guy offered to have a photo of himself pasted onto my stat page on account of Al being a Republican like McCain.

He said he hoped he was better looking than the presumptive Republican candidate.

I emailed Al and told him that I certainly thought he was better looking than John McCain--way better.

Am I right or what?

The above photo of Al was taken in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad in 2006. It might have been hot that day, but Al sure looks cool. I am not sure where this photo of McCain was taken. Perhaps Cindy was modeling a new slip of lingerie.

Anyhow, thanks Al. Even though I cannot actually replace McCain's ads with your pix on my stat counter page, I'll go ahead and use my imagination as best I can.

I look forward to canceling your vote out in November and being friends for a long time after that--



Anonymous said...

i'm with you, and so...it's 2-1.

Velvet Fog said...

Me too! 3-1

Anonymous said...

Wow. Either I'm one really happening dude, or the competition isn't that great.

Thanks, and keep those votes coming (for me!) ....


Anonymous said...

Looks like Al is busy cleaning out Saddams cabinets. Anything of value in those boxes Al? WMD?

Al better than McCain.


Anonymous said...


Saddam's cabinets were well cleaned out by the time I got there unfortunately. As for the boxes, it's classified. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you (with apologies to "Maverick" from "Top Gun"). ;-)


Mojito Libre said...

It looks like 'ol John-boy is about to pass a kidney stone.