Sunday, August 24, 2008

Phone cam round up

Roadside tire tree erection okay buddy.

Don't remember last time I saw a lady out in her curlers. Bet it'll look real nice when you take 'em out. Whoa! Erin and phone cam shadow on the bottom.

Discount grocery and no way did I flip this photo the doors really are in the wrong place. 'Scuse me please.

Discount grocery and they sell tube steaks pretty cheap for recession moders like me and that's a pretty good price baby. Get some crappy chips while you're at it.

Can't afford real steak but don't want these either. Better stick with the dogs.

Big orange candy jelly slice and lots o' little ants. Bon apetite, guys.


Velvet Fog said...

Phone cam roundup rules.

Anonymous said...

.... damn!..... a .69 cent hotdog?..... you truly do live in heaven....


Anonymous said...

whaddya mean the entrance door is in the wrong place? should it be on the right hand side? seems ok to me.

Amy L. Hanna said...

+1 @ what the Fog typed!

Mmmm those chips look goooood.

BTW that's bon appetit, ma cherie amie.

Julie said...

Oh the curler picture is classic. May I have your permission to submit it to White Trash bingo?? I will give you full credit for it of course but it's pratically perfect.

Julie said...

ok I know that this is an old post but I just thought of this (why now I have no idea). I think I saw that exact same orange slice a few days later and if you thought there were lots o' ants on it when you saw it........... It was completely black from the amount of ants on it when I spotted it. Insane and yes probably not the same slice that you photographed but whatever.