Thursday, July 31, 2008

One quick thought

Carl Rove is a real cocksucker.


Anonymous said...

"K"arl. Kocksucker.


deangc said...

Not only that, he's an evil motherfucker.

Velvet Fog said...

I did see him going in to the bathroom at the Minneapolis airport....

Erin O'Brien said...

yeah, I misspelled it. And now I just found out his middle name is Christian."

Even his parents were assholes, spelling Karl all funny and then the Christian thing.

Bunch of assholes.

sleepydog said...

Karl Rove is the cocksuckingest cocksucer that ever sucked a cock.
No bout adout it.


The Scribe said...

He's a bit confused on his role in our political mythology:

"A lot of people beat up on me. ... My attitude is, you know, I know who I am. I'm not the myth that I've been developed into and there's nothing I can do -- I'm like Grendel and Beowulf."

- K.Ro in the L.A. Times

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how single-handedly he's managed to propel this administration to enacting laws causing damage light years beyond what Nixon and his awful henchmen did. On a related note: I still miss Hunter S. Thompson.

Anonymous said...

"In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: Not necessarily to Win, but mainly to keep from Losing Completely." R.I.P. HST.

An interesting side note on Rove (Kocksucker). I heard Christopher Hitchens(anothet writer gone to the dark side) say that Rove is an atheist. Hitchens said "I think he states it like this: 'I am not fortunate enough to be a man of faith.'"


Erin O'Brien said...

I am not a person inclined to the negatory things such as warts, auto theft and hate. But I can't help myself when it comes to Kocksucker Rove.

I just so hate his guts.

Zen Wizard said...

He's the first guy who comes up on Dont-Date-Him,-Girl-Dot-Com.

Doug said...

I still can't get over how cute The Scribe's photo is. Every time I come over here and see it, I have to click on it to see it full size.

Oh yeah -- Karl Rove fellates dirty donkey taints. How's that?

Anonymous said...

Funny - I feel the same way about Obama and Hilary Clinton as Erin does about Rove. I must admit though that I'm not so sure Hillary every pleasured Bill orally. We all know who wears the pants in that particular family.


deangc said...

Al: talk to me after Obama or Hilary has been behind the exposure of a CIA agent for political revenge. After one of them is instrumental in a filthy swiftboat campaign.

I do not use the word lightly: Rove is evil.

Anonymous said...


It will be interesting to see what happens to those who've "jumped ship" from the Clinton camp over to the Obama camp come a few years from now, particularly if Hilary decides to run again in 2012. It will make Rove's "retribution for political purposes" look like a tea party. The long knives will be out, and my guess is it won't be pretty. She and Bill have very long memories.

What disturbs me about Valerie Plame's "outing" is that she was a covert agent. "Outing" her put her life at risk amongst other things. Those responsible should be held accountable. If that is indeed Rove, he should be called to account, simple as that.

As far as Rove himself goes, I don't know all that much about the man, so I can't comment one way or the other. Hilary's track record is much more well known, and hence my commentary.


Erin O'Brien said...

You people freak me out.

I spend about nine hundred effing hours on a profound essay on Rodin's disfigured Thinker and I get six comments.

I get angry reading about Rove and his refusal to testify, post one sentence and everyone's barking like mad.

I can't figger it, I tell ya. I can't figger it!

Anonymous said...


Like all of your writing I've read, it was a brilliant piece.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the number of responses is directly proportional to the quality of the piece.
It has become a cultural staple to spew political flames, regardless of affiliation. It is likely the world would be a better place if we'd spend more time focused on art. But I've become so fucking paranoid I can't help but wonder what the ruling class is cooking up while I'm asleep and/or contemplating truth and beauty.
I mean, when "The Big One" goes off, I want to be dressed for the occaision, right?


Zen Wizard said...

F*** "The Thinker"!

Why doesn't he ever get off his ass and do something?

Because he is French, you chicks think he is thinking about something "deep" and "profound."

He's just thinking about how quickly he can get in your pants for how little money--just like us American guys.

Since he is also OLD, he is thinking about a mnemonic trick to memorize your stupid cat's name and all the members of Fall Out Boy, so you will be "impressed" that you two "have so much in common."

Anonymous said...

a fat one, too.

Glass Houses said...

I recently read a book in which the government bugged a whole bunch of really expensive art - the kind you find in fortune 500 companies and really rich people's homes -

and then the cops melted all the art.

It was a good book.

And appropriate to this particular situation.

Perhaps it was Rove who blew up The Thinker? Or maybe he bugged it and someone else found out...

sleepydog said...

It is a sad state of affairs, isn't it? I can put what I think is my best work up on my blog and listen to the crickets chirp, but if I wrote a post entitled "Ann Coulter is an Insufferable Cunt" I'd probably get a jillion hits and comments.
Blogging, she is a cruel cruel mistress.
BTW, Erin, I really liked the essay on The Thinker. I was just a lazy fuck and didnt comment. Sorry.

Sean Craven said...

Hey, Erin!

This is my first post here and I've got two things to say.

First off, I'm guessing that the reason this post is getting more comments than your post on The Thinker stems from the fact that your Thinker story is a complete piece, well thought-out and structured, and as such it just doesn't call out for commentary aside from, "Nice observations nicely written. Good job Erin."

While this post's open-ended nature just begs for expansion.

Second. I will hit, literally physically hit with my hands, anyone who either apologetically or approvingly refers to old Turd Blossom as a political genius. An ability to percieve the most degraded path and a willingness to take it do not in any way connect with genius.

Perhaps if I knew him or spent time around him I would be able to regard him with pity or even sympathy; as a citizen of an America he has helped to shape my feelings towards him are compounded of rage, resentment, and incredulity.

Satan said...

karl rove is not mine

that fucker is an entity unto himself

we cant handle him down here

and dont want to

thank you very much