Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Thinker

A God Among Men is my first essay in the new Cleveland Scene.

Now go on and read it because it is way cool and unlike anything else you'll read today or tomorrow or the day after that. And here's a photo essay as well, which is also unlike any other I've seen on The Thinker and it still doesn't do it near enough justice.

For those of you who do everything online, a note about the placement of my column in the print edition. It is part of the Freestyle section, which used to be right up front on page nine or ten of the Free Times. It now appears in the rear pages of the Cleveland Scene, along with Dan Savage (ironic, no?), the comics, and ads for Amber's Cabaret, Lido Lounge Gentleman's Club and promises that you can try Live Links Chatline for FREE!

Before you roll your eyes, The Thinker and I know that Savage and his fans, the babes in the ads, and the hand-drawn figures talking into balloons are our people just like the blokes in the front of the paper. And even though I'm a silly little broad and he's a hundred-year-old bronze guy with no feet; we both know how to sail on the Internet, which will take us everywhere we want to go.

Life. Is. Good.

If you have anything to say about any this, please email my editor Frank Lewis and include your full name and city.


ajooja said...

Nice column!

I think being near Dan Savage is awesome placement. You'll fit right in. :)

Satan said...

you never call

you never write

you never visit

im beginning to think you dont even care

The Scribe said...

was so happy to see your byline in the nuScene!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the plaque should read "Tragically embellished by vandalism." Fine piece, but it made my head hurt. Now write something about fucking :).


Zen Wizard said...

So I guess you got the job?

They must have looked at the relative socio-economic stratum and purchasing/buying decision-making power of the Commenters on this blog....

...and then decided to give you the job, anyway...

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I don't know if people say this anymore - but that essay was The Bomb.