Saturday, June 28, 2008

The whole magilla

There are some important details I did not disclose in the previously posted Epcot fountain video.

Firstly, the video was competently shot by Sister of Goat, pictured below with her husband before they were crushed by the Giant Epcot Ball:

Sister of Goat obliged my request to get the Giant Epcot Ball in the background of the video and position the frame such that the fountain was spewing out of my head (in order to emulate Mouse Ears).

I later edited the film, rotating it to a proper orientation. When I uploaded it, however, the Internet Gods did not recognize the rotation. And when you're sitting in front of your computer trying to rotate a video of yourself with water mouse ears in Epcot, you realize that you have amassed about as much stupid as one person can, which is why I left the vid alone and titled the post, "The way my life is." After all, it seemed like an appropriate (and I daresay accurate) conclusion to the experience.

But there is more.

My brother in law, (pictured again left) was the first to notice that I was having an inordinate amount of difficulty getting into my rain poncho before all of the video trauma began on that fateful day at Epcot.

In fact, I had pushed my head through the armhole instead of the headhole.

My other Team Members, led by brother-in-law, answered my distressed calls of "Shit. Shit, shit, shit."

They worked together in order to get me straight with the confounding rain poncho. I was sure happy to have such a competent Team!

This, people, is who you are dealing with.


Curiouoso* said...

I came to you via a round about method, this blogger to that one on to her favorites,etc. I.E. surfing the bloggers.

If nothing else you look like fun!
that can't be all bad, right?

If you're curious, so am I!

Visit anytime....We welcome anyone

OK? Ok Curiouoso*

shaina said...

i once had a hebrew school teacher with a habit of tangling with inanimate objects--jars, doors, what-have-you. she told us how her husband would say to her, "sheira, you have to be smarter than the _______". anytime someone has issues with inanimate objects (or even if i do, myself), i always want to tell them that.

erin, you have to be smarter than the poncho.

i love you!

deangc said...

Goat looks entirely too happy in that too-small blue poncho, like he was contemplating a career in fashion. Or something.

Sister of Goat said...

Hotel, Food, Park Admission $$$$
Gasoline for road trip $$$
Souvenirs $$$
Speeding ticket $$
Making THE blog: Priceless

Erin O'Brien said...

Hello and welcome curiouoso.

Shaina: At least I eventually beat the poncho, but I might have been SOL without the rest of my Team.

Dean: Can you believe his shit-eating grin? Silly Goat!

Sister of Goat: I'm glad this made you happy. Many peeps would NOT want their association with me made public. I'm always doing something embarrassing, I can't help myself.

Velvet Fog said...

Looks like you had a fun trip.

Zen Wizard said...

Clearly, the Balls of the Future will be larger, more pale, and more aerodynamic.

Till we get these balls, we should just all be happy with our 20th Century balls and make use of these balls the best we can...!

Anonymous said...


I am proud of my association with you, public or otherwise.



you said, "when you're sitting in front of your computer trying to rotate a video of yourself with water mouse ears in Epcot, you realize that you have amassed about as much stupid as one person can.."

i was at work reading this and laughed so hard,i might have even snorted a bit. i'm sure someone heard me.

later that day, i spent an entire lunch hour trying to find an image online for "elfin ninja deer" (don't ask), then got busted by a co-worker who walked up while i was taking a photo of my husband in photoshop and trying to give him bright red, glowing eyes.

i've amassed a stunning amount of stupid, some on the company dime.

again, you are a bad influence!