Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Disney photo round-up

Man that's a big turkey leg! Save me a good part.

Step on it man, the cops are after us!

Aw go on and wash my towel, Jiminy. Why dontcha turn down the AC that's blasting out of all the open gift shop doors instead?

Gay pride Disney? Not sure. There's no purple.

Hey stone building guy in Epcot, you cool?

The Epcot ball sorta looked dirty to me if you used your imagination.

Y'all mighta made the bed, but you sure didn't get the milk sticky out of the bottom of the glass that was a-supposed to be clean. Shame on you, Mickey!

Hey dino-fella! Don't eat my Goat!

Big guy with a big Jesus belt. Praise the Lord!

Ying-yang Mickey and that's good Karma.

Spooky Baobab tree in SafariLand Disney and I love it.

Traffic malfunction. OOPS!

Traveler's Inn may have blessed the US of A, but I don't think they washed the sheets in our room. Sure hope the peeps in here before us were clean.

Stop for lunch at the side of the road. Man-o-man, I'm hungry! It's a long way between FLA and OH.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute ... shouldn't we be blaming W for something here?

Just curious.

With tongue firmly in cheek,


Divana said...

You can now literally say that you've been to hell and back. lol

Anonymous said...

Erin has, in fact, not been to hell. Hell would be:

Stuck in a burning inferno for all eternity with Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, and Kathy Lee Gifford. With nothing but country music, eurodisco, and death metal to listen to.

McDonald's "food." Every day.

In Bahrain. Watching an Arab cook and a Filipino waitress nailing an "Xmas tree" to the wall in hopes of getting it to stand upright in the bar while listening to bad Euro Disco music - 10,000 miles from home on 25 December 2001.

Or ...

Stuck in a room, with me, discussing politics at close range. That would indeed be Hell, and neither of us are going there! ;-)


deangc said...

That looks like fun. Maybe next year we'll make the trek to Magic Mickey land.

Anonymous said...

Al, it figures you'd be dispatched to Bahrain in December, 01. And I'm sure it was hell. But, tell me, did you find al-Qaeda there?

Merry Christmas, W


Jarvis Rockhall said...
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Jarvis Rockhall said...

Y'know for a second there I thought that the badge with the five pointed star was a Wicca-Mickey (which would be weird), but then I realised it was just the flag of Morocco.


Still, I totally dig the sentiment of that Travellers Inn; God Bless America and its Free Continental Breakfasts!

Anonymous said...


No, I didn't find Al Qaeda there, nor was I looking for it (wasn't my mission at the time). I was, however, trying to get a flight home - my initial one had been cancelled, and I was delayed until after Xmas.

Bahrain is one of the few places in the Middle East that I'd go back to (Dubai is the other - awesome; Iraq may become a good place to go, but that is in the future to say the least). Manama was a neat place, and the hotel I was in was excellent, with excellent food. I wouldn't go back to Saudi Arabia unless it was on a tour of the places I'd been in 1990-91. Same goes for Kuwait. The Kuwaitis better hope they never run out of oil. If they do, trust me, no one will go there.


deangc said...

The Goat is eating that turkey leg like it was named Erin O'Brien.

Zen Wizard said...

Good stuff.

Though I wasn't sure about blaming Dubya for the sparse crowds.

I guess as long as Dubya gets CREDIT when Disneyland Baghdad opens up, I am down with it.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

your presumed parental sacrifice is admirable.

SleekPelt said...

Holy Jesus!