Friday, May 23, 2008

On the set

Tomorrow, I'll be at the Lit for a free screening of Leaving Las Vegas. The movie starts at 7 p.m. and I'll lead an informal talk afterwards. The event is free and open to the public.

Mom, Dad, Lisa (John's wife of 13 years), Eric (AKA the Goat), and I visited the film set on October 7, 1994. For a companion post to tomorrow's festivities, Here are a handful of photos from that day.

The set of Sera's apartment. Elisabeth Shue is far right.

Left to right: director Mike Figgis, me and Eric.

Nicolas Cage center. That's my mom on the right.

Mike Figgis directing. Lisa, Eric and Mom in the background

The production was very low budget. All the signs on the LLV Burbank studio were just like this one. Look at what a dork I was!

Director's chairs for Shue and Cage.

* * *
The only person missing that day was John, but only in the physical sense. Although I am not a Shirley-Maclaine-metaphysics-floatie-
ether-type person, I honestly felt John's presence all around us that day. I guess the best way to include him here is with a photo. So here is a pic of John and me in what John called "The Obligatory Big Phone Picture" that was taken by Lisa in the Universal Studios theme park in summer of 1986.

Wish you were here, John.


deangc said...

I don't think the Goat has aged at all. Are you sure he's not from Transylvania? Does he avoid mirrors? Sunlight?

Erin O'Brien said...

I'll ask him as soon as he finishes his glass of blood.

ben said...

Somewhere, my mom has pictures of us by that phone, from ten years earlier than your pic (around the time of Jaws II, whatever year that was)

And I have to add how cool that you were in the same ZIP CODE as Cage. Awesome.

Divana said...

You had short hair!!

I want that phone! Like to use for practical purposes, like telephoning people.

deangc said...

Yea, it'd be fun to use that phone. Lever the receiver off with a crowbar, then spend a half hour wrestling that rotary dial.

"Hello!" you'd bellow into the talky end. Then you'd have to run over the the heary end.

"... you stupid bastard!" You'd hear.

So you'd run back to the talky end.

"What? I didn't catch the first part, could you repeat the first part?" you'd say.

Then you'd run back to the heary part.

" ... you friggen jerk! I don't have time for this."

You run back to the talky end, panting now, sweat beading on your brow. The Huge Telephone is such a workout.

"Sorry, I'm calling on the Huge Telephone," you'd say before running back to the heary end to catch a dial tone.

"Goddam!" you'd say, before climbing up onto the phone to jump on the connection switch to start all over again.

Anonymous said...



DogsDontPurr said...

One thing that I don't know if you've talked about (or if you did, I missed it somehow): after the film was finished, did you have much...or with any of the people involved in making it?

Erin O'Brien said...

There was some contact after the film was made, but not much. I send Figgis a letter and he wrote back. We sent Shue flowers as well.

Looking at the pictures is so strange now--when I think of all that happened before and after that day.

Anonymous said...

great pics.
not a fan of Cage...ever, but i love his uncle Francis Ford.
Figgis did a pretty good job w/Internal Affairs, I thought, considering he is a musician at heart, not a director.