Thursday, May 01, 2008

Love machine

This important footage is a companion piece to an essay I wrote for Ed Champion on David Levy's book Love and Sex with Robots.


Erin O'Brien said...

I wasn't sure when Ed was going to post that essay, and I've had this companion post ready for a while.

But let me kick off the comments by saying how delighted I am to have this YouTube posted directly above the popular clitoris graphic.

Viewing these side by side, is there anyone who can refute the brilliance of the cone vibrator?

Toby said...

Finally, Goat will get something done in the garage. ;-)

Deodand said...

You looked *far* too pleased with yourself in that clip!

Julia Farley said...

I want one that will clean my floors, too. Roomba turned Ohmygodba!

Or perhaps one I could leave on my nightstand which would light up like those Sunrise Clocks.

Or perhaps julienne some carrots.

Or change the kitty litter.

Double task, I say!


PDD said...

What the hell is that, a tit, or something a girl is supposed to sit on? haha

Um...your piece of "guys and dolls" is brilliant.

This quote saddens me: "Some [of us] were hurt in war and can't get a real girl."

I respect anyone who can take stabs during research for their craft.

You are the coolest chick. I love you tons!

PDD said...

I just finished reading "Love Transformer".


I was going to read the New York Times but my daily dose of news has been sidetracked with robot love!

Anonymous said...

That's one fine review. Pisses me off when creative writers can produce good academic analysis. I'm going to fuck my Barbie so I'll feel better.


Steve said...

Sex and Robots. At least they will do what you want them to do. Won't they?