Monday, September 10, 2007

You're as young as you feel

I'm watching my favorite program: Talk Sex with Sue Johanson.

Mitzy calls in. She says she is 51 and that her boyfriend is 85. Said boyfriend, according to Mitzy, has a significant sex drive that will not be denied. Johanson points out that many women would love to have such a partner and that Mitzy is a very lucky girl.

Perhaps, agrees Mitzy, if it weren't for the unfortunate fact that Mitzy has not been interested in sex since her hysterectomy, which she had at age 26.

Johanson asks Mitzy if she experiences natural personal lubrication. Mitzy says that yes, this phenomenon does occur in her nether parts. Johanson explains that such a question is necessary in order to determine if Mitzy's overall sexual health is in order.

Satisfied that it is, Johanson advises Mitzi to purchase a small inexpensive battery-operated marital aid, which solicits a girlish giggle from Mitzi. Johanson then describes different stimulation techniques that Mitzi can employ in order to achieve sexual arousal. She also tells Mitzi that she should encourage her boyfriend to practice using the marital aid on her. Then she describes techniques that Mitzi can use to stimulate him with the marital aid.

A seemingly delighted Mitzi says that she will proceed with Johanson's suggestions and thanks her profusely.

Hence, if all went according to plan, an 85-year-old man and an aroused 51-year-old Mitzi are joyously (albeit gently) massaging one another's erectile shaft, clitoris, testicles, labia and perineum areas with a small and inexpensive marital aid.

Want some more? Click here to watch Johanson give Susie from Alabama advice on how to give her well-endowed boyfriend a more satisfying fellatio experience.

Have a nice day.


Dean said...

I love Sue. She's this sixties-ish lady from central Ontario (I can tell by her accent) who talks matter-of-factly about hand jobs and anal stimulation.

People from central Ontario are more repressed than the rest of the country, and Johansen looks like a kindly librarian. It's just so cool that she talks about spanking and female ejaculation and double penetration and casual lesbianism.

Erin O'Brien said...

oh great, Dean, now I'm horny.

josh williams said...

She is doing the lords work. She is aiding the needy to achieve orgasm. She is here for all walks of life. She does not do this willy nilly. She cares and I care. .She offers sound advice. She is good people.

Erin O'Brien said...

"She is good people."

Amen, brother.

Doug said...

oh great, Dean, now I'm horny.

Was it the hand jobs, the anal stimulation, the spanking, the female ejaculation, the double penetration, or the casual lesbianism?

Loved the vid, btw.

Molly said...

Sue does kick ass, and I'm quite happy for Mitzi and Pop's!

I'm not sure if they are gently massaging one another though...I kind of picture Mitzi in latex ramming a marital aide (Ha Ha) up the ass of an old man.

damn. now I'm horny.