Sunday, September 09, 2007

An apology

Regarding this controversy, I received the following email from Daniel Case on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2007:

I apologize profusely for insinuating that you were responsible in some way for yourlate brother's suicide. It was vicious and over the line. It was late at night and I was letting my emotions get the better of me after reading some of the comments to your blog post ... my attention should have been directed at the commentators in question, not you.

* * *

I gladly accept your apology, Mr. Case. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors, including those associated with Wikipedia.


naidna oops nadina said...

I see this as the dark side of putting yourself out, opening piece of yourself in a public way.
Just brutal..

Doug said...

Wow. I just spent some time catching up on this, and I commend you. I don't think I would be so forgiving of that much mean-spiritedness.

I wonder what tweaked him? Your editor's jab that someone with 15000 wiki edits needs to get a life, maybe?

By the way, re that earlier post, you sure were a cute li'l dork.

Dan said...

Obviously, forgiveness is entirely up to you. However, if someone came to me with such a pathetic litany of irrelevant excuses, I'd tell him to either fuck off, die in a fire, or possibly both.

Still... At least he made the effort; though, I do doubt the validity of such an apology, and I suggest it come from a verifiable source.

ben said...

You're a good person, Erin. My response to him would have been very, very different.

Someday, Mr. Case will get to explain to his kids why he said what he did (as soon as they learn to operate Google, they may already be old enough; my nine year old certainly is). That'll be fun.

Dean said...

Mr. Case has risen in my estimation and showed some class. It ain't easy to write 'I apologize profusely...'.

You, on the other hand, have always been a classy broad.

Corn Dog said...

'Cuse the French but Fuck that Shithead.