Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things that scare me about my husband vol. IV and and Winter in September

My husband brought home this piece of clothing from work and said that it needed to be laundered.

I am unsure exactly what my husband does in this article of clothing, although I imagine it is what Richard Nixon would have selected to wear had he been a flasher instead of the President of the United States. It is unlike my husband's other work clothes, which are rough jeans and shirts. Why his laundry service at work won't wash it is also a mystery to me.

There is so much I do not understand. Why, just a couple of weeks ago, Winter arrived in Cleveland on Labor Day Weekend.

Having no ambition today, perhaps I should don the flasher jacket and a pair of stilletos and walk the rain-soaked streets with the pained facial expression of a tortured writer.

In the photo there are three people standing before a fire. The man has since died. I have the midnight blue dress the woman is wearing. The small bundled figure was not really there.


Anonymous said...

Is Jim Winters a notch up on Les Roberts?

Why doesn't said laundry have "Goat" on a nametag?

More questions but I'll stop here.

ben said...

And, if I see a woman in stilletos and a flasher jacket walking around today, I'll just wink knowingly at her.

Dan said...

A coat like that says only one thing: "I'm a pimp who works at Fotomat."

Jim Winter said...

"Is Jim Winters a notch up on Les Roberts?"

I should be so lucky. I'm barely a step up from Les Nessman.

Think about it.

Hope Dangling said...

what photo and what fire and what blue dress? have you been wearing that jacket already today? maybe you should launder it. And who is that matador in the doorway? he seems upset.

Libby Spencer said...

I call dibs on the Mexican bongo player standing in the doorway. Could you send him right away please. It's lonely here. My photo is of an empty room. I'm not really there.