Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photo round-up, various goats, and a speculum

Okay, finally home for a while with sore legs and too much to do and a big smile. Missed you babies and all your blogs, will visit soon. Here's some dumb stuff:

Rock climbing in Hocking Hills, Ohio kicked ass in a big way you should go right now and just do it'a-fore you croak.

Racing the Mini around Nelson Ledges Racetrack and that rocked until I almost wiped out all over the place but thank flip I regained control it is cool.

Brother of Goat atop Hurricane Ridge YAY!

The Goat is tall and goodlookin too.

Brother of Goat said they had good burgers here but it was closed boohoo okay I'll just take a pic.

Not too much oxygen a mile up, but the top of Hurricane Ridge was about the most wonderfulest thing I ever saw we all climbed up there even the kids and it was hard but so good and I love it.

My garlic press looks like a speculum.

This post is done and I love you hello.


EBEZP said...

Erin even your dumb stuff is great!

Betty Page hey? Does look like her and I think I'll do a BP special soon...Thanks

Scarlet Hip said...

There is nothing dumb about garlic presses and giant burgers.

I've got a new name and address, but still the same ole me. Pass it on!

~d said...

O happy happy, joy joy! ~d heart Erin

Michael Manning said...

Yay for racing the Mini! How cool.You must have felt like Danica Patrick!!! :)

Erin O'Brien said...

EBEZP: Can't wait for Betty Page post! Yay!

Scarlet: I am intrigued by your new name. How did said hip become scarlet? Was it a boating accident? A misguided tango move?

~d: It's good to be home and see you here!

Michael: I wish I felt like Danica. After I slid across the racetrack, I was truly gun-shy, but it was a ball to fly around a real track. And Nelson Ledges is a classic old place, nostalgic and gritty and so so fun.

Libby Spencer said...

Erin, you take the coolest vacations. And by the way, where can I get me a Goat like yours?

Brother of Goat said...

Fat Smitty's is the name of the burger place.

To the bloggers; Erin wears out quickly over a mile high on Hurricane Ridge!

From the pictures it looks like she enjoyed Puget Sound,hopefully she'll return and take more pics for your viewing pleasure.

Goat said...

Brother of Goat is alive !! Yea !!!

Erin is like the Eveready Bunny in the gorges of Ohio (as is daughter of goat) in 90 degree+ heat.

Will make contact at earliest convenience

Jesus Toast said...

Hocking hills! HA! Thats' me!

Hope Dangling said...

your garlic press DOES look like a speculum. hmmmm. cooking is good. with garlic I think. yes. add garlic to everything. LOVED your pics of Hurricane Ridge...beautiful!!!! looks a little like Coloradie.

Erin O'Brien said...

Libby: I found my Goat wandering around a parking lot. So you might try that. He is a good Goat. Good Luck.

Hi Brother of Goat. Hi Goat.

JT: I searched all those rocks and sure didn't see you!

HD: I only use it to press garlic, despite its dubious appearance. Hurricane Ridge was too cool. woot!

Doug said...

re the garlic press speculum . . .

are you sure you're not a doctor? Cuz you think like one.

Sorry for grossing you out the other day :)

Erin O'Brien said...

Doug: I am not a doctor, I just play one on TV.


Now all my viewers will have to wonder what your last comment is about. I love being mysterious! Hey! I know! I'll tell them this: it was something about SEX!!


Erica said...

Dang, are you married to Liam Neeson?