Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tell me how you really feel

erin obrien cant write for shit


Bobby Farouk said...

What does can't write for shit mean? Why would you want to write for shit? Write for money, write for love, write for attention - certainly. But nobody would write in order to receive shit.

Dan said...

I will write for shit. My garden looks like crap, and I think a little shit will go a long way in making my garden look a little less crappy.

Erin O'Brien said...

Farouk: Although you know exactly as much as I know, I am fairly certain this was a derogatory term. And for some reason, it feels vaguely masculine. Perhaps this individual can write for shit and felt pointing out that I cannot was important to him.

Dan: LOVE the new avatar. Real Men Drink Schlitz. If I hear of anyone paying shit for writing, I'll send them your way. In the meantime, try a little Miracle Gro.

Everyone: Since posting this, I've gotten hits from the following Google searches:

"erin o'brien" nude

erin o'brien is one crazy ass chick.

EBEZP said...

Good answer on the vid Erin!

Jim Winter said...

I don't write for shit. In fact, I hate writing on the shitter. If I have to clench or push to hard, I might tip the laptop and the thumb drive might fall into the toilet.

I've already lost a cell phone that way.

So I write for money, because it lets me buy a new laptop.

Dan said...

Well, if you ever see a search for "Erin O'Brien and Amish butter-churning Porn" that one's totally going to be me.

The funniest search result I've seen on my blog so far has got to be a Google search for "Keith Richards Wisdom." I think that's funny on so many levels, it kind of locks up the brain.

Anyway, glad you like the new avatar. It's actually a picture of the ancient Schlitz beer light I have in my basement that once hung in my grandfather's bar.

Bobby Farouk said...

I'm sure it was meant to be derogatory. But you needn't trouble yourself over his writing skills because if he had any he wouldn't employ the phrase can't write for shit.

Anonymous said...

I think it was a cry for help. What he really meant to write was: "Erin O'Brien, I can't write for shit."


sxKitten said...

While the punctuation leaves it open to opinion, I think DogsDontPurr has interpreted it correctly. I mean, the fact that the author can't write for shit is obvious is a mere 6 words, so I think it must be a plea for your aid.

Hope Dangling said...

you can too write for shit...don't let nobody tell you differnt. :P

Cappy said...

Why would you write for shit? It's delivered daily in The Plain Dealer and other local media.

Helen Mansfield said...

I apparently write for shit. Or, at least that's what I say every payday when I get my check stub. "Shit!"

Journalism doesn't pay shit.

Pat O'Brien. Now he can't write for shit.

Erin O'Brien said...

New Google searches: "Erin O'Brien can too write for shit" and "Erin O'Brien Naked." And although it's off-topic, cheers to whomever came here with the query "morning hardon"

EBEZP: Thanks. And can you tell me what EBEZP stands for?

JW: Sorry about the cell. I once dropped a hairbrush in there. No, I wasn't grooming anything, I was sloughing out the hair from the brush. Sheesh! Brush and bush are was to close for comfort in this response.

Dan: This speaks for itself.

Farouk: I'm just going to believe he's got a little dinger.

DDP: True. But I'm unsure whether or not I can help this poor tiny-dingered illiterate soul.

sxk: True once again. However, I have to give him credit for being clever in his delivery.

HD: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Wonder if he's watching all of this and if it makes his tiny little dinger hard.

Cappy: Or there's this, which makes me laugh no matter how often I see it. I'm talking tears-squeezing-from-
the-eyes laughing.

Helen: No, this racket doesn't pay for shit, but someone's got to do it. The bennies are subtle. People give writers a lot of leeway.

"Aw leave her alone. She's a writer for chrissake."

I get my share of mileage out of that attitude.

Helen Mansfield said...

That is true.

Most days I'm treated like a celebrity, or someone who has just passed gas in an audible manner. Often in the same day.

Like I often joke, if it weren't for the swag I get at this job — free meals and the occasional odd T-shirt, this job wouldn't be worth having.

Erin O'Brien said...

Helen: I like the flat-out distrust or unabashed hatred--undoubtedly the aftermath of bad or unscrupulous writers.

Latest google searches of note:

erin from rock of love nude

erin o'brien is watching me on the internet

erin o'brien's boobs are reading my mind

erin obrien is the farting blogger

I would go on, but my boobs sense that I'm about to hear from a person who has an unhealthy obsession with Wasabi and stargazing. Best to go and prepare.

Scarlet Hip said...

Erin O'brien has boobs to die for.

Ha. Let's see how long that takes to come up on google.