Monday, July 16, 2007

Torn and frayed

Geneva On The Lake is a little lake resort village about 40 miles east of Cleveland. It is an odd place, a teenage girl that is at once past her prime and still attractive. The thrill rides are gone, but the strip still thrums, mostly with bikers. Click on any image to enlarge.

Cartoon chicken and piggy in the fire and umbrellas.

People and bikes and the lake in the background.

Got beer?

Cool people and I love it.

Buy me a corndog.

Pink panther on the loose.

Waiting on a friend.

Take a whiz.

Buy a bra.

Go home and take a nap.

Flip my flops and the chocolate candy that doesn't melt in your hand.

Let's sit for a spell.

Tiny Santa and the God of the Lake.

"Erin O'Brien will one day rule the world!"

Gotta drive and can only have one.

Three green chairs, no people.

You're not south, you're north.


Jim Winter said...

Michael Koryta's new book has scenes that take place here, but he missed a lot of this in favor of the wineries in the area.

Mone said...

I love the look of the restroom, very modern ;)

Chickie Carmarthen said...


Graffiti said...

What is a corn dog?


ajooja said...

My wife went to a low-rent psychic at a San Diego swap meet (flea market). That little old lady told my wife to "do anything your husband asks."

Oh, that has worked well. :D

CheekierMeSly said...

Great pics, but I miss your lovely mug. How come no inclusion of self-snaps during the tour?

Hal said...

*Bang dang dang ganga dang dang ganga dang dang*

EBEZP said...

Looks a great place Erin. Lovely pics!

Nin Andrews said...

That's a strange looking red bra. It's kind of pretty, but what's with the extra curtain beneath the cups?

And that's Geneva on the Lake all right. It sounds so pretty, doesn't it?

mizjosie said...

Please tell me the skee ball hall is still there!

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

You caught it. This is a perfect post.

Dean said...

Nin: it's a pseudo-bustier. The net is probably there to keep the fish from swimming upstream, if you know what I mean.*

O'Brien: I was last in a place like this in 1975. Sylvan Lake, Alberta. I wasn't old enough to drink.

* And I sure as hell hope you do, because I don't.

Norm said...

If the title of this post refers to the song off of Exile on Main St., O'Brien, then my crush on you just strengthened to teenage proportions.

Hal said...

When I was a kid, my family and I spent numerous summers at North Myrtle Beach. Back in the 70's, it was a relatively quiet little place about 20 miles or so up US 17, and it had all of these accoutrements. Plus skee ball and other game arcades you'd have to drag me out of kicking and screaming to get me to leave. Old Orchard Beach Maine was a little bit like this, too. I haven't been back to either place since, and I fear what either place has evolved...or DE-volved into.

Erin O'Brien said...

JW: If he missed this aspect, he must have had his eyes closed much of the time.

Mone: … and entertaining.

Chick: I honestly could have walked those streets for hours.

Graffit: Welcome and I'll get back to you on that.

Ajooja: Now the Goat is mad we didn't stop in that shop.

Cheek: Dunno. I'll get it next time for sure.

Hal: Dang!

EBEZP: It is a fascinating place.

Nin: Call me crazy, but I think many Geneva on the Lake babes would consider that a whole shirt.

Mizjosie: I did not see it. Maybe I missed it.

Karen: I agree, these pix nail it.

Dean: Say "bustier" again baby.

Norm: Of course that is the reference, as is "Waiting on a Friend" later in the post. And even though the song is about London, the feeling of that song and the feeling of this place are exactly the same. That song IS the soundtrack to the Geneva on the Lake strip.

Hal: It is strange how Geneva on the Lake is thriving in its de-evolution. It is not embarrassed about what it is. It was cool to me. I loved it.

Erin O'Brien said...

A companion YouTube.

Hope Dangling said...

LOVED THESE PICS ERIN!!!!!! Fun the red boo-ste-AY sister!!!