Saturday, July 14, 2007


Eight random sentences from my novel Harvey & Eck:

Did you ever notice that Fun-Size Musketeers look like little uniform turds?

It was no help when the unabashed and semi-nude woman approached me and retrieved her lingerie, but not before embracing me in a grandiose fashion and leaving a lipstick imprint upon my already reddened cranium.

The moonlight is coming through the trees and making its own lace on the ground--delicate patterns.

I looked down to see what had got her attention and noticed that the chocolate vagina sucker was protruding from my breast pocket.

Can you see how you put dimension and texture and kaleidoscope color into a life that was little more than a droning monorail ride?

And then it was kissing and hands and clothes coming off.

So in light of this, I bought a round, then Scud bought a round and after about four or five (or six?) I figured I'd better get home.

Hold on, Harvey, and wait for a zephyr.

Courtesy of this guy.


EBEZP said...

I know a lot of great women through their blogs, so what doe that say? And then there's Erin!!!

Nin Andrews said...

great stuff, as always.

Bostick said...

You are awesome..

Badger said...

O'Brien. You have been down this road before. Sarcasm babe (sarcasm). Learn it. Love it. Deal with it. We need to talk off line.

Brent said...

There is no way that in a _readable_ novel of any length that this is a random sampling.

Erin O'Brien said...

Brent: There is no way that in an _anonymous_ comment of any length that this is a credible statement.

My _word_ your syntax is so bad, even I had a difficult time parodying it!