Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rainy Day Vampire **Updated**

In my column this week, I talk about my weekend with a group of vampires.


Here's the link. If you have something to say about it, email the Free Times. Frank Lewis is the editor. Be sure to include your full name and city.

As is so often the case, there is much more to write about on this topic and I hope to do so soon. In the meantime, know that the actual language my husband used was a bit more graphic.



Earlier today, I ran across this post, which has an embedded podcast wherein House Kheperu members discuss the event I attended. My article had already been published by the time I listened.

I experienced virtually everything Belanger describes in that podcast. The loss of appetite, the poor sleep, the weird aftermath of the weekend. All of that was on top of the things I felt during the energy work that I talked about in the column. I dismissed my other reactions as just ... well ... I just dismissed them.

Strange. Very, very strange.


sxKitten said...

Mmmm, vampires ... yummy!

Dean likes it when I suck out his energy, too.

Steve said...

These vampires appear to be the good ones. What happened to Dracula?

Nin Andrews said...

Great writing. I love it.

"You can play with my putty." Now that's one I haven't heard before.

sable.twilight said...

fantastic write up. thank you for finding me and posting the link. i'm going to link back to your article in my LJ

EBEZP said...

Good vampires whatever next?

zen wizard said...

Okay--"must actively take in human vital energy in order to maintain their mental, physical and spiritual well-being."

I'm supposed to hang out with these people some more on my day off??

Like 70-hours-per-week isn't enough?

Jim Winter said...

So what you're saying is you told The Goat you suck?

I mean that in a good way.


Should I make another Devil joke now?

Erin O'Brien said...

sxK: Fellatio! Yay! Sex is the ultimate human energy transfer.

Steve: Dracula lives next to me. He is shorter than you expect, mows his lawn regularly and makes a good onion dip.

Nin: The kid was so young and cute! I felt like an old lady. erf.

Sable: Welcome and thanks!

EBEZP: Hey there mister, you're dealing with Glenda the Good Witch, here. I have a wand and float around in a bubble.

Zen: Come on over here baby and let me get my tendril in you.

JW: I wish I could have printed what the Goat actually said, it was so funny.

jungle jane said...

Man, that vampire needs to take some vitamens. The dude is PALE...

Matt Staggs said...

Thanks for swingin' on by the blog, wildchild.

Dig your blog - I'm gonna do the RSS thing and try to keep up. Try...

Matt Staggs said...

josh williams said...

Do vampires floss?

DementedM said...

Very intersting experience. There are some modalities of massage that are all about energy and I've had some unique energy experiences sans the vampire angle.

Don't be so stranged out. :) All physiology is made up of electrochemical activity. We have pheremones (sp?), yes? And glands that emit musk. We emit chemical and electrical impulses/signals all the time. It's just whether or not some people can tap into them.

Just based on biochemistry, I have no doubt that energy can be 'sucked' or exchanged. (Although, I have no energy sucking capabilities btw).