Sunday, May 13, 2007

The moon, the writer, his wife and her couch

A huge thanks to fellow writer Dean Cochrane for this review of my first novel, "Harvey & Eck."

Here is a bit of what he had to say:

The book is funny and sad, desperate and uplifting. It is tough and irreverent and full of life, hope, and love. It is a story of growth that is intertwined without being intertwined, if that makes any sense.

The best writing shows us many things: things that could be, or that should be, or that are, but are hidden. “Harvey & Eck” shows us all of these.

For another review and full ordering details, click here.

Dean has much going for him. There is his writing; and then there is his extraordinarily foxy wife.

Oh. Why the moon? There's lots of moon in the book. Plus, the moon's cool.


Phil Plait, aka The Bad Astronomer said...

The Moon *is* cool, ain't it?

Except in the sunlight, There it's pretty hot.

Winters said...

"Harvey and Eck is sitting on the shelf here in Paris. I'll be reading it next week, and I'm tremendously excited about it already.

jungle jane said...

I have just re-read it for the second time. I love it more each time I read it. Bring on the sequel!

Bostick said...

Happy mothers day!

josh williams said...

Erin, what you need is a publicist!

Hal said...

It's a beautiful book, Erin.

sxKitten said...

I'm just waiting for Dean to come home so I can snatch H&E from him. He's usually much better about sharing :-)

In the meantime, I shall have to make do with a very cool indeed moon, and a surge of traffic - thanks!

We've also been enjoying the mix you sent with the book (my academic-snob-not-quite-PhD ex-husband was over while we were listening, and was VERY impressed that we know someone of your literary pedigree).

Norm said...

*moons O'Brien*

Gota get that book some time.

The Fool said...

Hi Erin. All I can say is, "Ditto." Or did I already? It's one damn good read. There's a lot of heart between those covers.

Keep on, Angel E.


Neers said...

have to have to get a copy of it, Erin! almost found myself in the same situation as her... though, i live in india and do not accelerate around on a motorbike (however much i would love to do that).... and heyy, read about John!! Kudos to the sister in you!