Friday, February 09, 2007

Erin's fund

People have different ways of raising money. A buddy of mine is trying this. Then there's Dean Cochrane, who is raising money in order to buy this chick a bikini.

If I put on a bikini, it would be considered a danger to the general public and the authorities would come and haul me away. But I figured I'd jump on the fundraising bandwagon anyway.

As depicted in the photo, I'm using a more direct approach. I've taken a container that formerly housed 12 ounces of Duncan Hines buttercream frosting (trans fat lovers, rejoice) and did some high-tech modifications (I cut a slot in the top). Having only raised $3.65 (I put it in there myself), I figured I needed to bump up the campaign. Hence the new signage.

I've had this baby up all morning but haven't gotten any hits. Of course, I am home alone and I'm showcasing my efforts on the kitchen counter. Maybe I'll service the Goat when he comes home tonight and see if that gets me a couple of bucks. My goal is to purchase a new marital aid and some chewing gum.

If anyone out there wants to make a donation, here's the address:

Erin O'Brien
P. O. Box 470167
Broadview Hts. OH 44147

And if you send me $20 bucks, I'll send you a signed copy of my book along with a surprise or two. Or you can get it on Amazon for less (sorry about that, but I've got to cover my costs and postage).

Thank you for your support.


Dean said...

Listen, I'm going to need something to keep me busy once this little bikini challenge wraps up.

I'm thinking an Erin O'Brien Bikini Challenge should be next. I'm going to try to start a groundswell of support. It should wrap up right around Naked Couch Day, which as you know is March 14th.

Dongley Shlongford said...

Most of the Dong's cash is earmarked for Yam-yam and hooka, but if it would put Erin in a skimpy bikini I could probably cut some loose. I've taken to calling all the skanks I'm tagging lately 'Erin' anyway. They usually get mad until I drop a map of Hawaii on them. Then it is back on and shit.

Bugwit Homilies said...

Well, I would have given some more if that brownie box was still full.

Or if you actually sent me a brownie.

I want a brownie.

I have to go now.

Toby said...

Whoring at it's finest. Sorry babe, I paid at the door. ;)

Helen Mansfield said...

I have made a generous donation, in your name, to the Human Fund.

— Smiling sarcastically

Mongrel Porksword said...

After I gave you ten bucks, you'd never need another dollar for the rest of your life.

josh williams said...

No offense but there is a real dick above me...

Toby said...

Josh, you're lucky

Helen Mansfield said...

That dick is pretty frightening ... I think it wants to do me harm

Felix said...

No disrespect, but why would Erin O'Brien wearing a bikini be considered a danger to the general public?!

And I hope the surprise is cookies.

Mmmm... cookies.

Crashtest Comic said...

I just fell off the wagon, baby.

Maureen McHugh said...

I could send you some chewing gum.

Aliecat said...

I just sell my body when I need money...crack don't smoke itself! Just kiddin, u know.

Erin O'Brien said...

Dean: I fear that if I donned such a garment, it would get sucked into my body. The whole thing would just disappear inside of me. I'd probably end up needing surgery or something. It's just too scary.

Dong: As usual, your missive flatters me to no end. How lucky womankind is for the likes of you my darling.

Bug: Gimme one-a them brownies!

Toby: AND you gave at the office.

Helen: I love you and everything you stand for, baby.

Mongrel: Please make a sandcast of your member immediately if not sooner. Send it right along, then.

Josh: It is real. And captivating.

Toby: Why does this feel like a sophisticated (x-rated) game of Hollywood squares to me?

Helen: It clearly wants to do something.

Felix: Believe me darling, I am not bikini material. Too many cookies in my past!

Comic: You have come to the wrong place if you're looking for 12 steps.

MM: Now sending chewing gum would be helpful. How about a package of Clove gum? Remember that? Or Beechnut? Good god, time to go dig my grave.

Alie: Bet you don't have to sell much of it in order to make a pretty penny, baby.

Toby said...

insert some sick whoopi joke here

Lipp said...

I'm in.

Hedy De Vine said...

what kind of marital aid are you looking for? maybe your friends in blogland can help you out.

cHa0tiC ~d said...

Hiya Erin,
I am trying to squeeze in my normalcy! Omigod! I have never had...Yes I have.
Ok, the past few weeks have been THISCLOSE to insane!

It is nice to find that some things are the same.
Hurrah to you, Erin for showing me life is still rolling along nicely.