Monday, January 08, 2007


Okay people, what the hell is this thing? These words are engraved on the front:

für Spiritus
for Methylated spirit
à alcool

I cannot read what the black label says. On the back, There is a symbol featuring two crossed swords with the letters G. B. surrounded by this text, "U. T. G. Barthel." On the bottom it says, "Made in Germany."

The cap by the two handles is threaded and there is a bunch of cotton wicking inside. The nipple side doesn't seem to open. There is a pinhole at the tip. It measures 2 3/4" by 2 3/4", not counting the handles.

I'm guessing it's some sort of lamp, but can anybody out there tell me more about it? Click on either image to see a larger resolution.


Rhea said...

Looks like a meat grinder.

Denny Shane said...

All I know is that the words mean "for alcohol" Shrug... I'm just thrilled there is no damn "Tomatensuppendose" in the picture! ;)

Lady Bonds said...

Perhaps it's for distilling alcohol, fermenting, etc. Small-scale moonshining equipment or something. You should drink what's inside and let us know.

Where'd you get it and why is it on your kitchen table?


Lady Bonds said...

I've been meaning to say this for a while, but everytime I see your avatar I think of Van Morrison.

Satan said...

it appears to be a vintage model of the bostick

try sitting on it

Carol said...


I found a similar piece on EBay using the UTG Barthel name. The guy selling it says that it is a miners torch. The words: für Spiritus, for Methylated spirit, à alcool, all indicate that it is to be used with white spirits, which it appears is another terminology for denatured alcohol.

So, you have yourself and old alcohol burner that was most likely supposed to be used in mines.

Hal said...

The real questions are:

1) How did you get this?
2) Why did you get this?

Anonymous said...

I think it is a soldier's camp stove.

Anonymous said...

Oh, speaking of your avitar, I think you should change it. It doesn't do justice to how damn sexy you are.

For real. Erin = sexy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like an old-fashioned alcohol lamp, designed for using wood alcohol (methanol).

Handy for warming chafing dishes.

Anonymous said...

That is an antique meth lab.

Satan - I will fist your tight little arse.

Merkin - I agree. Erin should use the boob pic.

Erin O'Brien said...

Rhea: Perfect! I can make itty bitty sausages!

Denny: What is funny is that this is one time that a size reference would have been helpful. I just forgot to put the can there.

Lady: Baby, I AM Van Morrison. The thing came from a little elf. He was about 7 inches tall. Told me I'd have better orgasms if I left the thing on the table. So far, so good.

Satan: How long I gotta sit on this thing? When's it turn into a Bostick?

Carol: THANK YOU! Finally some useful information. But you think I can still use it for orgasm improvement?

Hal" See respons to Lady above.

Merk: Hm. Stove or burner? Best two assertions yet. And yes, I hear your avatar vote (thanks).

Elisson: I'm warming up the fondue, baby. Bring a bottle 'o bubbly, would ya?

Bostick: So I can make really old Meth in there? And stop flirting with Satan. He's mine, I tell you! All mine!

Satan said...

it is an antique bostick

probably modeled after his great grandfather

i hope bostick has big hands

go big or go home

right obrien

Anonymous said...

It doubles as a miners lamp or an alcohol infused enema apparatus.

PDD said...

Yes, I knew from the inscription it was German before learning it was made in Germany. Most definitely German.

It looks like something from WWII.

I will send these pics along to the in-laws and see if they can figure it out.

It's the best I can do for from over here darlin'

PDD said...

Okay, I just emailed the folks.

I am curious, and would love to know what purpose this object holds, and for whom?

I'll get back to you as soon as I hear word. But I am warning you, I don't think even a true authentic German can figure this one out.

Dean said...

I think it's a miner's lamp. I say this having seen some of the carbide miner's lamps my uncle used a kazillion years ago. The wire bits clipped to the miner's helmet. There was probably a glass globe over the front part.

Miner's lamp.

Anonymous said...

It's either for gasing your friends to death for telling bad jokes or it's a bug sprayer!

Carol said...

Darlin. . . anything can improve your orgasm if you work hard enough at it. . .

jamwall said...

obviously its a flange that you connect to your klarn!


Erin O'Brien said...

Satan: I do not understand this latest transmission. And when do I get the Axis of Evil title? Huh, motherfucker? You been promising me that for eons!

Toby: Now that's a Cleanbutt

PDD: You are a girl's best resource! Thanks ...

Dean: That would make sense because if it was strapped to a helmet, both the cap and nozzle would be in a proper upright position--thus avoiding leaks.

MM: The Bad Joke Terminator--I like it!

Carol: Wise, wise words, indeed. That's why I've been working so diligently on my Splendid King all these years.

Jam: Of course! I knew my klarn was missing something. Thank god you're here ...

Mone said...

Carol has the rigth answer Erin. Im not so sure about the orgasm improvement, but you could for sure heat your tomato soup with it :)

PDD said...

I received response.

I've got the goods:

"The best I can do -It appears to be some kind of Burner-or lighter; Obviously quite old.."Fur Spiritus" just means "for Fuel" Hope that helps.."

sleepydog said...

I think you should just rub the damn thing until a genie comes out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a light that burned with Ethyl. The German Government started the office of alcohol sales I think in 1899 or 1900 to regulate the price of alcohol fuel, a lot of lights used it the same way we used lamp oil.