Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday morning share time #25

This vid is effing hilarious, particularly if you're from Cleveland, but even if you're not. I love the sequences of that guy who played Dr. Smith on "Lost in Space."

Well, gotta go take off my pants. Actual content coming next week.


Jim Winter said...

You mean that wasn't a Big Chuck and Li'l John skit? It had "Certain Ethnic" written all over it.

~d said...

(the theme song from Fame, I am sure you (coff-coff) remember it. Well, I thought the words were: Take your pants off, and make it happen! Little did I know AT THE TIME, that, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...whoops, I mean, little did I know that that is how to make it happen. To take one's pants off.)
Have a wondermous day!


Anonymous said...

Take it off!

Take it all off!

Shake it!

Shake it!

Shake it!

~d said...

(this would be the Axl from days gone BY...and not the Axl of TOday, huh?!)

Norm said...

Hmm. I guess it has to be authentic: with the Springer reference there they seem to be making fun of Cincinnati, which is a sort of Cleveland thing to do.

PDD said...

The vid was effin' brilliant!

And St. Germain was a perfect choice.