Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Cleveland

This is the Veteran's Memorial Bridge in Cleveland, one of several that traverse the Cuyahoga River and link the East and
West Sides of town. At one time there were four sets of train tracks inside the underbelly of the bridge. The trains are long gone but the space they occupied is still there.

Twice a year, the city opens the subway level of the bridge to the public and you can walk the length of the brigde, including the scary steel span over the river.

I love this town.


Dean said...

Without a Campbell soup can in the picture, I cannot tell how big that bridge is. It might be only 10 feet long.

I'll probably lie awake tonight, worrying about this. How big IS that fargin' bridge? These words will echo in my fevered brain.

Jozee said...

Cool shots. Thanks for sharing. Is the river always that murky or is it because of rainfall?

sxVixen said...

Very, very cool. I love being able to walk in places that are normally off limits.

garrett said...


There's a red moon rising,
On the Cuyahoga River,
Rolling into Cleveland to the lake.

There's a red moon rising,
On the Cuyahoga River,
Rolling into Cleveland to the lake.

There's an oil barge winding,
Down the Cuyahoga River,
Rolling into Cleveland to the lake.

There's an oil barge winding,
Down the Cuyahoga River,
Rolling into Cleveland to the lake.

Cleveland, city of light, city of magic.
Cleveland, city of light, you're calling me.
Cleveland, even now I can remember,
'Cause the Cuyahoga River,
Goes smokin' through my dreams.

Burn on, big river, burn on.
Burn on, big river, burn on.
Now the Lord can make you tumble,
And the Lord can make you turn,
And the Lord can make you overflow,
But the Lord can't make you burn.

Burn on, big river, burn on.
Burn on, big river, burn on.

-- Randy Newman

Lisa W. said...

I was in Cleveland in 2003 for a 3 day conference. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see too much beyond the hotel :(

~d said...

I may be damn near the biggest dork around-but is this the same Cuyahoga that R.E.M. sings about?
~d heart Erin

Jesus Toast said...

Those pictures totally seale dthe deal, I'm coming to Cleveland.

Hal said...

Garrett - you probably know this, but for those who don't, that song accompanies many scenes like this in the opening sequence of one of the greatest baseball movies ever made, Major League. A story about the Cleveland Indians, much of which was actually filmed in Milwuakee.

Henri Banks said...

Nice shots Cool beans:-)

Erin O'Brien said...

Cochrane: What the eff am I going to do with you? I'll probably lie awake tonight, worrying about this. What the EFF am I going to do with Cochrane?

Jozee: The Cuyahoga is pretty murky. We like it that way up here.

SxV: Thank you, Vixen. If you think of it, do something with Cochrane, eh?

Garrett: No one will ever forgive this town for it's burning river. Just remember, baby, Cleveland gave you me. Woot!

Lisa: I love this town, next time, look me up and I'll hook you up with my Cleveland. It is way cool.

~d: You are not a dork. I have no idea about the R.E.M reference. Will Bostick think we are shitty and lame now? I dunno ...

JT: These are just the beginning. I see this town like no one else. More to come.

Hal: Aaaaah. A fellow Clevelander clocks in, thank god.

Henri: YOU are the god of cool pix. Hi, baby.

Henri Banks said...

thanx honey ;-)

Bernardus Sylvestris said...

i think the river is a strong brown god

Libby Spencer said...

I had a friend who moved to Cleveland and sang it's praises. If she had sent pix like this, I may have actually visited her.

PDD said...

It took me sooooooo long to access this comment section. Something is seriously fucked up with blogger today.

Love the pics darling. Just love em!

Bostick said...

I told you people would like them;)
And REM are a bunch of shitty lame sissys

Erin O'Brien said...


yes, henri.

Bern Sylv: Yes! The river is a strong brown god! Go now--run! Tell the elders!

Libby:stay tuned. Erin Cleveland Way Cool.

Pdd: Thank god you're here! I'm so tired, baby.

Bostick: It's hard for me to kick against the pricks.

sxVixen said...

Ummm ... what would you like me to do with him? I'm totally open to suggestions.

Hal said...

JOzee, Erin is right. The river is always that murky, and you probably don't want to know why. In fact, as described in the Randy Newman song, the river actually caught fire not once, but twice - 1937 and 1969. The latter spawned a decade's worth of Cleveland jokes that still piss me off when I hear them.

Erin O'Brien said...

sxv: now I don't know what. wash the car?

hal: they have cle jokes because the likes of us are too fabulous to take.

Jozee said...

Hal, thanks for the info. Our river, The Connecticut, used to be dirty enough to light on fire but it's been getting cleaner since the '70's.

I'll have to read some more about that river fire- it does sound familiar. Thanks.

Bill Fitzgerald said...


Like your great writing, your pix show love of place. Have you read Edward P. Jones?


Bugwit Homilies said...

Cleveland Rocks! Or so I've heard. I'll go there someday. Take me through the R&R HOF?

Bostick said...

Its me bitches!!! This is just how we talk down here! Puffy means just a little blood flow and I own the saying now! WOOOOOO!!! dont miss out on the chat tomorrow @ 9 fuckers!