Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday fun

It is 4:45 a.m. I am off to Nolan's Bar to catch the morning crowd (yes, really).

As a writer, I laughed like hell at this post. And more cowbell is always in order.

Since were on the subject, fellow writer Tim Gager will be doing a radio show over here tonight at 7:30 EST. Figger out a question to which there is no answer and call in. 888-379-5442.

Gotta go. See you at the bar!


~d said...

Aww jeez. I need coffee. Or a bourbon. I opened the Tim Gager link and over to the left I thought it said: Dre Literary. And yeah, at 6 AM I amthinking whats this dude doing talking about Dr. Dre.
Maybe I need more sheep. I mean sleep. Eff!
See ya at the bar!

Denny Shane said...

You lead, I'll follow. ;)

Dean said...

I feel kind of like a big pile of crap this morning, and the mere thought of going to a bar creeps me out.

Mind you, an Irish coffee (made with Jameson's: no way I'd want to muddy the flavour of Bushmill's with anything) might hit the spot.

Toby said...

Harvey & Eck comes to mind.

Jozee said...

Boilermakers all around! It's either that or a red eye.
No, I don't remember how to make a mai tai anymore and I've forgotten how to shuck. (Fingers crossed behind my back.)

gretchenhr said...

Geez. If I went to a bar that early in the day, I'd probably end up dead. Have to wait until at least 5. In the evening that is!

Didn't even know Lee Greenwood was still around!

So who's this 22 year old you're talking about? You know that 30 year old we fight over is the one I'd most prefer! ;)

sleepydog said...

Boody Mary's and the company of Erin O'Brien should be enough to get any man out of bed and into a saloon at 5am.

Count me in.

Erin O'Brien said...

~d: I am meeting a sheep later for coffee. We're going to discuss Dr. Dre.

Denny: We can both follow the sheep.

Dean: The bar did not have coffee, so you'd have been outta luck.

toby: *thanks*

Jozee: You know the place I'm talking about.

Gretch: There were a few in there that weren't too far from death, by the looks of them. Our 22- and 30-year olds were no where to be found.

Sleepy: I couldn't handle the mary part. Ended up just having the bloody. And that was after failing to drink a beer. eek!

sleepydog said...

Erin, this is very important: Do you mean failed to drink a beer, as in you ordered one and didnt drink it/finish it ? Or did you think about ordering one and think better of it.
The thought of a poor orphaned beer sitting un-drunk brings me to tears.
This is why you should go drinking with me, I will make sure there are no "orphans" left in your wake.

BTW, Was this trip to the bar for the purposes of research for your writerly craft ?

Anonymous said...

questions....Are there sheep in your writing? Do you write better when you are having sex? What is writers block? Are you single? Do you write using a plot board? How is reality related to writing? Do you drink as much as you write about? Are you as big of a creep as your characters? How do you feel about line breaks? Do you take drugs or alcohol? Can inflatible dolls enhance your love life? Are you available to help pick out wedding gowns?

thanks OB

Erin O'Brien said...

Sleepy: I mean I ordered a beer and couldn't handle drinking it. It got warm. I poured it over ice. A warm Bud Light at six in the morning does not improve by pouring it over ice. I still couldn't drink it.

I've got no alibi.

Gager: Good luck tonight. I am concocting a diabolic question.

sleepydog said...

The tragedy of the un-drunk beer is diminished slightly by the fact that it was a Bud Light, but my god woman, you have to let go of your pride and ask for help in situations like that.

I would drink warm Bud Light at 6 in the morning for you (And I wouldn't do that for just anybody, only YOU), because that's what friends are for.

I'm glad we had this talk.

Will somebody please hold me ?

Anonymous said...

I have a bottle of scotch that I'm downing RIGHT NOW...there will be ex-wives and ex-girlfriends calling in....If you are too nasty I will out you, this show's going on my webpage at some point

Anonymous said...

signed Tim

for the last post

Bugwit Homilies said...

Sounds like you have an ambitious day planned! Don't forget to save enough for cab-fare home!

Toby said...


Bugwit Homilies said...

Or CRAB-fare! Ha! I kill me.

joanne said...

I grew up at Nolan's

Went the day I was baptized. Cold beer and holy water.

I played pool without a stick.
Banged on the piano til I was yelled at to knock it off.
All the nice men bought me Cokes.

I asked my daddy why the bar was so dark in the daytime. He said "So you can't see all the drunks."

Good old Nolans

Erin O'Brien said...

Sleepy: Bless me father for I have sinned. You are the light, let me bask in the light.

Gager: BY GOD I TRIED TO CALL IN AND IN WAS BUSY BUSY BUSY. You totally kicked ass, dude.

Bug: Nothing like greeting the day with a good snort.

toby: Um .... yes!

Bug: No, you're killing us.

Joanne: Welcome. I know exactly what you're talking about. I remember being about 6 and sitting on a barstool at Fagans when it was just a miserable river dive, a coke with a handful of cherries in front of me. Stay tuned, more to come.

jamwall said...

i'm here!

sorry, i was doing home improvement stuff and banging the cowbell!