Monday, August 07, 2006

One. Two. Three.

1. David Muir is the newest addition to the short list. (Don't even get me started on George Bush the antichrist and his filthy little war and what it's done to (*sigh*) darling-of-my-heart Bob Woodruff.)

2. An Erin O'Brien classic.

3. And something I will undoubtedly regret admitting: I love the Price is Right, although it's never been the same since Janice Pennington left.


jmeped said...

I hope you don't mind me stopping by via the toast. I like your writing. I liked your story about your husband and his pants!

Blonde Vigilante said...

You have to know that all the guys on the short list would ask you if their pants fit.

Dean said...

I never loved the Price is Right. Even now, that cheezy music and the sound of those cheapass dingey bells remind me of depressed teenage years when I sat watching a black-and-white TV rather than doing anything productive.

I always liked Holly best, to.

Paul said...

Surely the omission of my name from the short list is an oversight. Or did you mean me when you spoke of a "stilt performer"?

Dean said...

Also, men are trained that they don't know what fits.

"You bought those? Didn't you try them on?" These are the words my first girlfriend spoke to me after I bought a pair of pants. We had been going out for about a month. Until I met the sxKitten, I heard variants of this from every woman with whom I was intimately involved. Some of it was loving, some of it scornful, some of it mere stock recitation of a gender role, but it all said the same thing.

I have thrown off my training. I buy my own pants. Brothers, unite. Where our sisters once burned their bras, we shall now dare to go baggy-assed to work. We will dare to look as if we were prepared for floodwaters to inundate the mall. (It could happen, people!)

Unite, brothers. We have nothing to lose but our sense of fashion.

Roxi said...

I'm ok with you liking the price is right

jamwall said...

cotton dockers. anything else is just pants!

oh god, i'm repeating nothing but commercials on your blog.

how sad and pathetic is that?

zorgon said...

I'm not wearing pants.


Toby said...

The Price is Right is the longest running game show ever! I haven't watched it for years but it was a favorite of mine when I was a kid.

Bugwit Homilies said...

Liked the dockers post, but I have a feeling that you might extend your sphere of influence should Newsmodel David Muir get close enough! ;-)

Watched your excerpt reading on u-tube or i-jive or whatever. You did a very nice job. If writing doesn't work out, look into acting or reading for books on tape!

I'll be ordering a copy of your book.

Anonymous said...

1. "The price is right" teaches us valuable lessons in how to be good little consumers.
2.And it's fun, too.
3.I'm glad it exists.
4.I have a refreshing lack of cynicism.
5. I never lie.

Erin O'Brien said...

jmped: Baby, I love you sailing over here on a piece of luscious toast. Butter, jam and coffee. Yum!

BV: Honey, I'd be trying to get their pants OFF. Who cares if they fit?

Dean: Come on! Janice Pennington? She was hot! Although I must say, I love the way you are a self-appointed rep of the 'brothers.'

Paul: Your way closer than the short list. Way.

Roxi: *whew* thank god I didn't lose you.

jam: More cowbell, baby.

Zorg: Do that again.

Toby: I want to play Plinko before I die.

Bugwit: Welcome. Hi. Yes. Again. Please. Voof!

Winters: Make an exception and lie down with me, baby.

josh williams said...

I was just thinking about the price is right not to long ago, I can't remember what but I am sure I was thinking about the show.Erin Obrien "Come on down"! I have not tried on a pair of pants for a few years, business casual if you will, liked the story. A fine short list, men of lernin'.Thats all I can muster ,a man of breavity of late,I think I am suffering from ramblers block... JW

Doug Hoffman said...

You have to understand that when a guy says, "Do these fit?" what he's really saying is, "Does my ass look so totally tasty in these pants that you'd blow me?"

He can't answer that question. Only you can answer that question.

Run that by your husband. See if I'm not right.

jamwall said...

as one of the former lou reed's, i have to inform you that lou has zapped his blog!

Erin O'Brien said...

Josh, I can name that tune in seven notes!

Hoff: Your ass looks totally tasty in those pants.

jam: Erin O'Brien will mourn the loss of Lou Reed.

~d said...

OMIGOD! I love your short list!
I have one also-a few people that is they SHOW UP-well-sucks to be you, b/c I am BUSY!
Poor Muir being in the Superdome. (sigh)
OH! Umm, late September 2002 Jim Canatore was broadcasting about 1.5 miles from where I lived-Hurricane Lily-so we boneheads went down see him! Heh heh heh! Did I mention we brought the 2 1/2 yo Thing with us? We did.

~d said...

Heh heh heh

Blonde Vigilante said...

This is true. Pants off, pants on. Now go.

Toby said...

I had some Bugle Boy pants back in the day that I loved. They were super comfortable. I know I looked good in them, my mom told me so.

Doug Hoffman said...

Oooh, does that mean I make the list? I'd hate for you to lower your standards. On the other hand, Snakehead (Carville) made the list . . .

I think I'll do my own list for this week's Thursday Thirteen. But will I manage to come up with thirteen must-dos? It may be challenging, but I think I'm up for it.

Erin O'Brien said...

~d: I love my short list too. No takers yet. I'll let you know if Muir comes around here. Hell, I'll even hose him down when I'm done and send him your way ...

Bugle Boy! Ha!

BV: Good idea: Pants on before you go.

Toby: Mom's always say that. They have to, they are moms. (But I'll bet you did look good).

Hoff: I don't let just anybody on the list baby, but If I let Cochrane on, then I guess you can go after him.

Doug Hoffman said...

So. I get Cochrane's sloppy seconds?

Jeez. Just because I don't look good in white tee-shirt and wrench.