Saturday, August 05, 2006

Some other guys

This was going to be a "Stupid things I own" post, but, now, after last week, I can't help but wonder if Hoss is wearing some pretty little thing under those orange dungarees.


Toby said...

What's the biggest piece of meat a woman (or Hoss) can get between their legs?

A horse of course.

Hoss goes commando, he likes the feel at full gallop.

~d said...

Funny-but I wasn't thinking THAT kind of meat, Toby.

Hiya Erin! *KISS!*
~d heart soup can!

~d said...

not that you NEED it-but pimped at my place.
~d heart Erin

Doug Hoffman said...

Bestiality at my place, Erin! We're even talking Hosses. Of the stallion variety.

Denny Shane said...

ok Erin... you are doing this just to piss me off now, I know it. WHAT is that stupid can of tomato soup doing in the picture again?

Always, always, always... it's that stupid tomato soup.

lindsay said...

a recent experience with a cowboy has led me to believe that Hoss is definitely going commando, and he'll whip off those clothes in a second if you say yes to a back rub.

Mone said...

I say what Denny said!!

Richard said...

Why do you think they call it "Bonanza" anyway? And RAWHIDE? Come on.

Rantin' Ron said...

Hi Erin,

I found your blog via Libby's. She was kind enough to mention my blog along with yours.

Ironically, I have that EXACT same Bononza cup! It resides on a shelf in this very room. How many can there still be out there? I wish I could post a digital of it but...I don't know how the hell that is accomplished.

I always felt sorry for Hoss's horse.

Erin O'Brien said...

First off, a note to ~d and Denny and Mone on the soup can: If you like it, good. If you don't, tough shit. Sorry people, but that's all there is. For those who do not understand why you see it all the time, it is a size reference. I have gone on and assumed y'all know how big a Campbell's soup can is and can (therefore) figger out how big the associated object is.

And remember: Soup is good food!


Toby: OUCH!

DH: I expect nothing less from you and your associates (The Hoffmanians).

Lindsay: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Richard: Good point. And the guy in black is alsmost doing some sort of fetish thing, no?

RR: Come over here immediately. Bring your cup. We shall drink whiskey together from our mugs.


Vince said...

I'd rather have erin's blue soup than Hoss's pink soup...

Denny Shane said...

erin. erin, have got to know I am yanking your chain. We criticize what we love most.

Having said that... I really do hate the soup can... but I love you ;) Now I am going off to my corner and sulk.

Anonymous said...

pork and beans

Libby said...

Well I don't have a Bonanza mug and I don't hate tomato soup but I have to ask why the label is blue? Isn't it usually red?

Jozee said...

Mmm, I think Hoss could be wearing silky undergarments but he's still straight.

Michael Landon, hmm did he die of regular cancer or was it aids? Either way - who cares really? People are people.

Remember how many kinds of straight people there are.
We're all in trouble when we box people into categories with labels.

Like Libby, I've wondered about that soupcan too.

I haven't seen that one on the shelf before.

What's the story morning glory?

zorgon said...

it is a size reference

Dang, you're a scientist, too.


Erin O'Brien said...

Denny: No time to properly respond, I'm furiously gorging myself on tomato soup in order to send the empty cans right along to you.

anon: What is it with that wierd lone pork fat cube in every can of pork and beans?

LIbby: No worries, darling, you can borrow mine. And the can was a Warhol special addition.

Jozee: I'm still trying to figure out what the hell sort of sexual person I am. (help)

Zorgon: e =mc2. It's not easy being multi-talented.

jamwall said...

how old is that can of tomato soup in dog years?

(slipping in obscure loren green reference).

Dean said...

Whenever you see a picture of Hoss, he's got this smug-ass smile on his face. The sort of smile a man has when he's got a secret. The sort of smile a big, burly man might have if he were wearing something silky underneath his chaps.

Henri Banks said...

No way Is That Bonanza on that cup on the right ?

Jozee said...

Erin - email me if you want to.

Anonymous said...

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