Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Morning Share Time #17

Wow. Thanks, Josie!


Jozee said...

Damn- trying to do a post edit to give you a link for more Josie Wales.

Thanks for the link! ;-)

Erin O'Brien said...

Happy to do it, J.

If anyone has not yet gone to Josie's link in this post, do so immediately and read her poem as the most excellent YouTube post buffers.

I can't stop watching it!

Vince said...

I gotta get on this 'sharing' bandwagon. I haven't shared a Sno Ball since I was 5, and even that was against my will. Here's to you Josie--Cheers!

~d said...

I went! I went and then I came back to you! YAY! I am not a Mother Effer today!

Jozee said...

Thanks again, Erin.
Monday, Monday.

Vince, SnoBalls come 2 to a pack. One for you and one to share. ;-)