Thursday, January 19, 2006

Go, go, garrett.


jungle jane said...

Erin do you have a crazed obsessed stalker fan yet? if not, may i apply for the honour? tell me what you fear more - a knife or strange noises in the night - so that i can get it right. and what pets do you have that i will need to knock off - a family cat or dog?

i realise its hard to stalk from Australia but i think that only proves my devotion even more.

Satan said...

erin i think shannon is dumping me and i just need someone to talk to

it would make me feel better if you and jane would tag team me

jungle jane said...

Shanon is dumping you? *perk* Does that mean she's available??

Erin O'Brien said...


In fact I do have a handful of wierd stalkers. Like marital aids and shoes, however, a girl can never have too many.

I prefer the sort that devote an entire room to thier Erin Shrine, complete with photos they have taken of me whilst I was unaware (my head attractively cocked over a cup of coffee in a cafe--taken at an oblique angle through a series of windows, that sort of thing).

A tall order, I know, but all worthwhile things are.

Satan. Satan. Satan.

Why do you continue to waste time with these meaningless trollops? Of course I am here for you darling.

PDD said...

Erin, I am your biggest fan...

Hairy Prison Guard said...

I saw you at that bar that you wrote about on your website a several weeks ago. I read about how you were going to be there on your website or maybe it was somewhere else on the internet and I drove over from Charleston where I live. I think that is what you mean. I took one or two pictures of you and people talking to you and so on and so forth that I like a lot. I did not get a picture of that guy that you wrote about on your website, I am sorry to say. I would put those on my website where I talk about my prison guard experiences but I do not know how to do that.

I did not buy your book that day, sorry. But I also did not say anything unkind about the cover of your book. The cover of your book is interesting is what I think.

Satan said...


you are right

why am i wasting time with these trollops when i could be knocking boots with you

looked at your erin obrien naked link

you are evil

if you showed me more i would be in heaven

jungle jane remember that time you and i tied up that lactose intolerant chick that we picked up at the bar and we didnt know that she had just drank an entire chocolate milk shake and while we were taking turns diddling her she crapped on the ceiling

that was sick

jungle jane said...

Satan she wasn't lactose intollerant - she had a leaky gut. and that so wasn't chocolate milk either...she just said that in case you didn't want to do her if you knew the truth. i tried to explain to her you were the lord of the underworld but i guess not everyone rolls like us....