Monday, January 23, 2006


I have been tagged by Maureen McHugh.

Five Weird Habits

1. Carefully removing the front and back covers of Time* magazine and pasting them to a copy of Hustler magazine. Prominently placing FrankenHussy on the magazine rack inside the Sears Optical (or Sears Dental) waiting room.

*Good Housekeeping also does nicely.

2. Swallowing game pieces plucked from shallow rectangular boxes of Life and Clue and Sorry.

3. Attending a party and copulating atop the coats piled on the bed in the spare bedroom.

4. Dressing in black tights, a black mini dress, black thigh-high boots and large opaque sunglasses. Attending the funeral of a man I did not know. Standing in the back and sniffing into a hanky until I have garnered the disapproving attention of wife/children/others.

5. Brushing my teeth with butter-flavored Crisco.

I am following the rules of this silly game and hence tag the following five bloggers with the challenge to post five weird habits.

Darlings, you are then to tag five other bloggers with the same meme. There are rules I am supposed to type, but I don't care about them or if you pay any attention to this nonsense. I do not know how I would pronounce "meme" if I were obliged to speak the word.

Tagged are:


Jungle Jane


Dongley Shlongford

Bob Dole

I love you,



FLAMINGO1 said...

One (I) could question your love given that you just tagged us. Isn't this the equivalent of the old chain letter. I would be more likely to comply if it included puttin ga dollar in the envelope. A nice small dollar Ponzi scheme is a great way to communicate your love.

I love you too,


Erin O'Brien said...

Actually, Flamingo, I tagged very specifically. I thought that particular group of five would come up with some very entertaining or interesting or ... erm ... unusual habits.

You are, of course, free to completely ignore this silly task.

Now pass the butter flavored Crisco.

Dongley Shlongford said...

habit #1 has been revealed for you at my blong.

The Phoenix said...

And do you gargle with Cheese Wiz?

zanytwo said...

So reading through the blog and comments on the review....I came across the one on the book becoming a movie.....BUT the cooler thing would be to have it in the theatre...BROADWAY BABY!!! I think the scenes can be so intense and to show both characters and I be a screenwriter??? Do I need your permission Erin!! The book is awesome and to have it live.....I think (just as I the audience while reading the book was awed) the live performace would be even more so.........

jungle jane said...

I have done mine! none of them were weird at all though...oh and i kind of changed the subject too...

nicole said...

You're not serious about #2. Is that where my candlestick went??

Femi-mommy said...

ok - so long as i'm not the only one soiling the coats

Roscoe said...

Come to my funeral. I’d like to see the jaws drop.