Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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Joe said...


Erin O'Brien said...

Nice try, Hoose, but no win.

I have heard Trump supporters who actually believe that The Donald will build a giant wall between the U. S. and Mexico (and that Mexico will gladly pay for it). They look at him with giddy intoxication, envisioning an America from which those swarthy Muslims are banned and the Latinos are sealed out. After all America's tomorrow belongs to them and no one else, and that is exactly what Trump is selling.

Your link has nothing to do with Sanders' brand of socialism. While we're here, why are y'all so afraid of that word?

Every time you sit on a bench in a public park, drive on a public street, enter a municipal/state/federal building, call the police or engage in anything funded by taxes, you are engaging in socialism.

Also, the most socialist entity in the United States is our military, which provides food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, etc. to all of its participants.

GI = Government Issued.

Silly righties.

Erin O'Brien said...

Watching that footage last night on TCM was positively chilling. It truly evoked the Trump doctrine and the starry-eyed looks of adoration that his brand of nativism garners.

There is not one thing about the mid 20th century Soviet Union that evokes Sanders or his followers.

Anonymous said...

The only thing from the 20th Century about Sanders that scares the shit out of me is McGovern.


Joe said...

Mostly I was just yanking your chain. Trump scares me too.

I do believe both Trump and Sanders support does represent a growing dissatisfaction with both parties and business as usual in Washington.

Perhaps their supporters are searching in vain for Mr Smith. Instead they will get Willie Stark. I think both are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

@ Joe-At his onset Willie Stark was a benign phenomena.

BTW--Broderick Crawford's performance in that film was brilliant. A terrific job.


Harry Finch said...

Unlike Hitler and Stark (aka Huey Long), neither Trump or Sanders have built political machines. Neither have the goal of using democracy to undermine it. I think, if anything, Sanders means to use democracy to strengthen it.

Having voted for Bernie since his days as mayor of Burlington, I'll confess to harboring a bias. He's made being a Vermonter fun. I don't always agree with him, but on the whole, I'm thrilled over his current contribution to the national conversation. (But being familiar with him all these years, I find this Bernie-mania stuff quite weird.)

RJ raises a legitimate concern with the reference to McGovern. There is one key difference, though: McGovern ran against an incumbent. And though he was buried, I still don't regret voting for him.

I'm not overly freaked out over the prospect of a President Trump (maybe a little freaked over the possibility of a President Cruz). When Reagan triumphed in '80 I was convinced the next stop would be fascism. I should have had a little more faith in America.

This will be my twelfth presidential election. I'm more weary than angry. I'm done with pragmatism. Even facing a humiliating defeat, I'll be voting for what I want, not what I'm willing to settle for.

(BTW, Ms OB, thanks for the political post. I need the exercise.)

Erin O'Brien said...

No matter which side of the aisle you're on, a president's efforts are tempered by the legislative branch, which isn't going to codify a ban on Muslims entering the country, nor will it rubber stamp universal single payer health care.

What sets Trump apart is exactly what the video portrays. Congress (or anyone for that matter) cannot stop him from standing in front of a podium and announcing that bigotry is back in style, which he does by way of example.

And, as denoted by Mr. Trump's unwavering popularity and his supporters' rush to follow suit, vilifying all those Other People makes for successful politics.

The danger of Trump isn't about what he might do, it's about what he's already done.

DrBOP said...

Simply passing this '08 post along to add to the discussion of this particular song/scene :

It's one of my most memorable scenes in any movie: BRILLIANTLY-filmed, acted and edited. It put an ACTUAL chill down my spine when I saw it on 70mm; and that spritzes EVERY time I run across it. DRIPping irony, SPRAYing sadness.

Trump's run seems to be a simple but super-sized ego exercise. He doesn't believe half the things he's saying, and he KNOWS that most of what he proposes would be most impossible to pass through Congress (and/or the Supreme Court).
Trump's motivation? The old saw....."FOLLOW THE MONEY"'s the ONLY thing he REALLY cares about.

Keep Calm.....and Bern One ;^)

Anonymous said...

Since this post is still up allow me to use it for my own selfish purpose. Didn't watch the GOP debate last night but have since seen the clip of Trump calling W a liar on WMD. I submit Trump now thinks he has the nomination locked up and is about to go Obama on Hillary's Iraq vote. MetaTrump.