Thursday, February 18, 2016

On the move

Gal about town, photo by Bob Perkoski

Dear readership,

Your humble hostess has been doing a whole lot of what is depicted in today's photo: walking around with a cup of coffee, trying not to be late and be engaged and animated when I get to where I'm going. All of it has been ahead on an announcement that is long in coming: I am now the managing editor of Fresh Water Cleveland.

If I could summarize the last couple of weeks, it was as if a distant sound grew louder and louder. As the source neared, it revealed itself to be a great clamoring throng with limbs thrashing and voices roaring. Then it scooped me up and put me atop its bucking self, where I have been barely hanging on ever since.

So it remains until I gain better control of it all.

As you may have heard, we here in Cleveland are expecting a large number of elephants later this year and it is a thrilling time indeed to be in the writing scene in this town. Obviously, I will likely be even more scarce amid these pages than I have been in the past year. You'll find I'm most active over here and to a lesser extent over here.

Lastly, to those of you who have followed me over the years, I offer my profound thanks. You were all part of making me what I am today.

Yours in letters and all sweet magical things,


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Joe said...


Marlane said...

That's great, congratulations ! - Hopefully you don't have to totally give up on the blog!

DrBOP said...

HEY, two of the things I like about Cleveburg just came together......EXCELLENT.

This should be FUN!

(Just remember, the Flats should be open to ALL......NOT just those who can afford a $30 burger. I'd say the same thing for the 'professional'sports teams too, but that ship sailed about 20 years ago.)

Bill said...

Hi Erin, I'm not at all surprised by you promotion. You are the best. Of course I disagree with you on almost everything but your passion, honesty and work ethic are truly admirable. I'm very glad to have been a reader and "commenter" here at the Owner's Manual. I'll continue to follow your work, one way or another. My best to you and your family. Bill

Anonymous said...

If enduring the affliction of my commenting provided you with some benefit I am glad. And surprised. Nevertheless Best Wishes in all your endeavors.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Ms E-

Looking for a sublet?

Anonymous said...

For the Owners Manual Grapevine-

Hey MR,

I still remember your personal account of May 4th, 1970. It still gives me chills.



Joe said...

I hope all is going well with the new gig

Anonymous said...

Hiya, RJ--Thanks for the comment. Be well--MR

Panty Buns said...

My condolences go out everyone (myself included) for suffering the consequences of having our governments and media so badly infested with vile unethical crooked evil insurrectionist Republicans (my apologies for those descriptions / definitions being repeatedly redundant all over again), especially now that the treasonous insurrectionists are trying to investigate their investigators.