Sunday, February 07, 2016

Magical Cleveland ...

... is filling me with sighs.

This Kurent didn't scare the Goat and me away.

Part of this

Bocce in the basement of the Slovenian National Home? OLD SCHOOL

Can't say it but can eat it

I should have been a gogo dancer

Smile, Goat


Creature love

Have a seat

Hola, Lake Erie, the view from here is spectacular

Oh, Cleveland, how you do me ...

* * *


Joe said...

That church in the last picture is beautiful

Erin O'Brien said...

St. Theodosius, where the wedding scene in The Deer Hunter was filmed. Google for more jaw-dropping images of the inside.

Anonymous said...

Google translator says "Kremschnite" is German meaning "Cream Cuts". I think it's actually Hebrew for "Le Bron has not heard the last about the firing of David Blatt."


Unknown said...

Here you go again, Erin. Presenting the world of Cleveland, through your eyes-amazed by the sights around you. You got yourself a knack, for doing that.