Thursday, September 17, 2009

The good witch of Cleveland

The indignation of some righties over Carter's charge of racism is just laughable to me. Dig the comment section of this post.

And what about all that tea party tripe? Bogus photos and misquoted news agencies. To quote the esteemed Senator from South Carolina: "You lie!"

I keep thinking of the Glinda the Good Witch of the North telling Dorothy that her ruby slippers must be very powerful indeed or the Wicked Witch of the West wouldn't want them so badly. The righties sure want those slippers.

Yeah? Well then call me the Good Witch of Cleveland.

On to Obama. No, I don't agree with everything he's done, but he still has my support. This country is so diseased and so far off course to the right that I can't expect miracles, but I still have hope.

And I am in 100 percent agreement with James Carville about Latimer's new book Speech-Less. I may have no love for George W. Bush, but the President has a right to a casual life. If he is not actively "on the record" his aides ought to respect that. Latimer's a turd for publishing Bush's off-the-cuff comments. (Although I've got to admit it, if Dubya called Obama "this cat," it alters my opinion of the man. I love it when a guy calls another guy "cat." Always have.)

And if Bush didn't make those comments, Latimer's an even bigger turd. Either way he gives us writers a bad name.

I'm off to recharge my magic wand.

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Joe said...

Sorry Erin, I remain deeply offended by your assertion I am aracist. Should you be brande by comments on your blog?

BTW, James admitted the picture he posted some time ago was wrong. And since I am clearly a dumb old redneck Klneer, could you kindly point just what part of the post or thecomments attached are so clearly racist?

I really thought Progressive preaached that we should not tar all people with a broad brush? That we should look at people individually.

Are all liberals baby-killing welfare queens?

I thought you were better than this.

Joe said...

"dumb old redneck Klneer"

That should be dumb old redneck Klaner. As In KKK.

Erin O'Brien said...

Read my post again, Hoose. I refer to the COMMENT section of the post, wherein I address James, not you.

If he said that deeply offensive post of his was wrong anywhere, I didn't see that. The only explanation I heard was that he pulled it down when he realized it was photoshopped--not quite an admission of having done wrong.

Leslie Morgan said...

I can't even begin to sort out the comment section. I'm still muddling on the notion of "Presidnt" Obama "administrating" in the original post. Dumbasses is a really good word, Erin.

Erin O'Brien said...

Okay hoose. I took out the "these guys" references so I refer only to the comment section.

Joe said...

Perhaps you would be better served to link to the post at JOG's blog that actually offended you rather than implicate me as a racist? YOU brought up James' post in the commnts. Until that point there was nothing racist anywhere in the comments or the post.

No? Your intent was to paint all who disagree with the President as racist and that is inexplicable and unexcusable. Calling a person racist when all other arguments fail is akin to trying to end a schoolyard argument with "well, your dad is fat". You took me totask for rolling out the "socialist" card. This is far worse and I fail to see the difference.

We can disagree on politics. I know when I post here am going to be labled in a miriad of ways. I am prepared to be insulted and have my intellect challenged without basis in fact. That is OK. I know what to expect when I step into the lion's den. That said, I refuse to let you, or Carter or Dowd, or anyone else claim knowledge of my racial beliefs.

It is just insulting.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hoose. Tough shit. This post stands.

I didn't call anybody a racist. Read the post and my comment over at your place again.

Your assumption about my intentions was wrong. And as far as people calling other people fat, that'd be James over at your place, with yet another reference to my "chubby thighs."

Erin O'Brien said...

The simple fact is, Hoose, that you operate a publication. Anyone can refer to it. Anyone can comment on it. If you don't like that, start moderating comments or make your site invitation only.

Otherwise, man-up.

Joe said...

Exactly we can all say what we want. And I stand that all liberals want to see babies killed at birth if they have a defects and you are all in favor of dog-fighting.

If you are pissed I did not moderate the thighs comment, then say so. There is a man-up moment for you.

Smearing me without basis only makes your arguments weaker.

Joe said...

It takes a big person to admit when he or she is wrong.

I guess we now know how tall you stand.

Erin O'Brien said...

I did not smear you, hoose. I did not smear anyone. I just expressed my opinion.

If you disagree, you go and find the exact quote I used that you feel smears you and put it in this here comment box.

Erin O'Brien said...

Here is James' original post.

Here is my response post.

Now y'all go take a look at what went on back in October. You'll get the gist even though the image is gone. Then tell me whether or not I had good reason to find's James' complaints over at Hoose's place laughable.

Joe said...

The racism charge is somewhat mitigated after you changed your original post (which did call my post out specifically). I still maintain if you have an issue with somnething posted elsewhere you should target that post, not mine that never specifies race in any way whatsoever.

I will leave it to you to have the last word.

VideoDude said...

It sounds like to me you struck a nerve, Erin. Hoosier, why are you protesting so much? Maybe your conscience is bothering you! She has said several times she was not talking about you. Maybe it would help if we all cried those crocodile tears like Glenn Beck! BOOHOOO!

By the way, (kind of off subject, but...)a fedral court judge has warned Orley Taitz not to start anymore frivolous lawsuits with badly forged Birth Certificates.

Erin O'Brien said...

I did have references to "these guys," which I meant to mean persons of James' ilk, but it was loosely worded and I agree that might have been construed to include others. I deleted that portion of the post.

My issue had to do with James' first comment in your post, hoose, which I thought was pretty clear with my second comment. Then he goes on to ADMIT he'd posted that image last October and only removed it because it was photoshopped. That is what I'm talking about here and it happened on YOUR site.

Jim said...

Hoosierboy should learn how to spell if he ever wants credibility as a writer.

Leslie Morgan said...

Ha, Badger! Except that the two of them were locked in mortal combat and it was fascinating to watch, I was going to comment that spelling must have been outlawed in Indiana some decades ago. Not only the bloggers, but the commenters, could use a little remediation.

Erin, here's where I've landed. You presented facts and provided a roadmap to verify them, showed willingness to make modifications where you felt it was fair, got none of that action in return and finally delivered up the most brilliant "Tough shit" I've seen in a long time. Well done!

And I'm with VideoDude. When someone reacts way out of proportion, even while being placated, there is something else afoot.

Anonymous said...

I like pie.


Anonymous said...

I can re-post the picture and the source of who sent it to me. Then again you wouldn't believe me. I have no problem with you calling me a raciest. I know better.

James Old Guy

Leslie Morgan said...

I have some lingerie that was call the raciest ever seen.

Erin O'Brien said...

Smith, I don't care what you do.

As for Limes, now a modeling of that is something we'd all like to see!

Leslie Morgan said...

Well, yes, but after all of this today, I certainly don't want to be tagged "raciest".

philbilly said...

Wha...,wait,what? WTF? WTF??? Obama is BLACK????!!!!!

Sunuvabitch, thought he was mulatto.
Well, this changes everything.

BTW, Senatah Wilson is Rush Limbaugh's fluffer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typing is not my strong suit. You should immediately discount anything I ever commented.


Jim said...

Fluffer? Not to be confused with bathroom floor stomper... oh, that's an I da hoe tradition...

Erin O'Brien said...

Also not to be confused with a pluffer.

Rory L. Aronsky said...

Erin, it's that kind of picture that pushes me toward a foot fetish. And I'm a staunch leg man. :)

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks to everyone who commented on this post. I should make that more personal, but I'm a bit behind the ball today as I prepare for a speaking engagement tomorrow.

You guys rock.