Sunday, October 12, 2008


So I changed the link to something that will help us celebrate the win.


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand how people like this still exist. It's disappointing how many McCain supporters are willing to overlook this type of display. Can any of you honestly say you support McCain's campaign?

Honestly, does someone have to make an attempt on Obama's life (besides the thwarted one in Denver, which was bad enough by the way) before Republicans admit racism is a major factor in this election? Apparently so.

Further, McCain's campaign is more than willing to say that they're not the ones encouraging hatred, but that Obama is by condemning McCain supporters.

What the hell is wrong with the citizenry of this country? It's sad. And people wonder why some of us aren't exactly proud of our country. Look at how we treat each other!

Erin O'Brien said...

I was really at odds over whether or not to link this, but in the end, I thought it important to point a disapproving finger and let others do the same.

It didn't seem right to just frown over it and do nothing else.

It is so shocking to me to see this sort of thing. And if it isn't shocking, how sad is that?

Anonymous said...

zero tolerance. speaking out is important.

stefaddink said...

I find it shocking as well that in the year 2008, there are still people out there making these kinds of remarks. I really thought the world would be more advanced by now.

Erin O'Brien said...

He has removed his original racist image and replaced it with some inane Bob Barker thing.

We win.

Anonymous said...

Posted this over at Old Guys,

“I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”


Anonymous said...

Off topic but funny. Discussion over at 538 discussing Baracks mixed metaphor in the debate when he said "I know he thinks I'm a little green behind the ears."

Wild Bill said...
The cliches are "green behind the gills" and "wet behind the ears." I do hope Obama will get them correct. After all, this isn't rocket surgery


shaina said...

what was the original image?

Anonymous said...

A guy on a motorcycle. He was wearing a t-shirt that said "N-word, please! It's the WHITE House." (Only it actually said the n-word.)

His bike had a McCain-Palin sign under his license plate.

Andy said...

And ya'll expect Mac to personally disapprove every little UN PC idea/photo/word spoken by anyone claiming to be a Republican?? No, sweetcheeks, the world is NOT that "advanced" yet and likely wont be in YOUR lifetime.

Erin O'Brien said...

Andy, I saw something I found offensive and I said so, that's all. I didn't expect "Mac" to do anything for me.

And yes, my cheeks are sweet.

hoosierboy said...

For the record, not everyone who does not support Obama is a racist. Some of us may just not agree with his policies. I also fervently disagree with the liberal politics of Peolosi, Reed, Clinton, Biden, Conners, Frank, Kennedy, Bird, etc. It has nothing to do with any of them being black, gay, women, killers (well yes in Kennedy's case), former members of the KKK, or plagerists.

I just like the concept of limited government. Not all Republicans are racists. Not all Democrats are liars.

Anonymous said...

It exists on both sides. Does this accurately represent all Obama supporters? I fully doubt it, but it does show that idiots & mean people are in abundance.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Erin has sweet cheeks, as I'm sure the Goat will second.

Momentofchoice said: "zero tolerance. speaking out is important."

I agree, regardless of which side you're on. It's what makes our republic what it is.

This being said, I can attest by personal experience that the "tolerant" people of Montpelier, VT are anything but. Anyone who espouses a point of view differing from Obama/Biden, it seems is some sort of antichrist. I've had several run ins with folks here that bordered on the uncivil (on their part, not mine, I might say). Yes, I wear a McCain T-shirt, but that's no different than the numerous (and by that I mean overwhelmingly numerous, like on every other vehicle I see, no kidding) Obama bumper stickers I see, or the anti-McCain references (in print, bumper stickers) and anti-Bush things (lots of bumper stickers, some t-shirts). They're supporting their candidate, I'm supporting mine. We may disagree, but we can at least be civil about it. Unfortunately it's been my experience that here at least that isn't the case.

This being said, I had two people compliment me on my t-shirt today, both of them women. Maybe it was my hot looks (very unlikely), or that they genuinely liked my t-shirt (most likely). So perhaps, little by little, I won't feel like the only Republican in Vermont for much longer (other than the Governor).


Anonymous said...

BTW, folks, I was commenting on Erin's facial cheeks. Cheeks belonging to another part of her anatomy can only be best commented on by the Goat. Just wanted to se the record straight! ;-)


Sarah said...

Everyone keeps saying "Not everyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist."

Everyone knows that.

It's when bigotry is used as the reason (or a reason) for being against Obama and/or supporting McCain that it is racist.

Andy - I, at least, have the expectation that McCain and Palin would speak out about the shouts of "terrorist" and "off with his head" and such at their rallies. To not speak out is irresponsible. If people at Obama rallies were calling McCain a terrorist, something tells me people would freak-the-fuck-out.

John McCain of 2008 looks nothing like the John McCain of 2000, and it's a damn shame. So when McCain finally opened his mouth and said that Obama is a citizen and decent, and insisted that they should keep the tone respectful, he was booed by his own supporters.