Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sticky cam

So I'm on Stickam last night, just fooling around doing my email and general nonsense and hoping someone cool will drop in and say hello

I get a handful of visitors.

First comes this sexy young guy from France (he had a cam). He invites me to a private chat (to talk and "other things") and believe me, I was tempted. But I think most will agree that being naked on a webcam while diddling oneself and watching someone else diddle himself is sort of yucky. Hence, you will be glad to hear that I declined the gentlman's offer.


Another guy comes on (no cam) and asks to see my feet. Okay fine. I hoist my miserable hoof onto the desk and point the cam at it. I return the cam to the top of my computer. Just then my daughter comes in and starts tickling me with a puppet she'd made. The foot guy starts asking me again and again and again to have my daughter rub and/or kiss my feet.

How effing weird is that?

Oh yes, Satan was also there and can verify all of this. If you have a minute, go over to his place for one of the funniest YouTubes around.

Satan originally ran this animated graphic in this post. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw it. I even declared said love here.

That's all for now good people. I'm off to masticate and swallow.


Friends of McDougal said...

Is that weird? Sorry... I promise not to ask about your daughter again if you send more foot pics.

Anonymous said...

Erin. You need to stop broadcasting for a while. Weird people are stalking you.

Blogger is busted

Anonymous said...

... damnation.... and I just followed your advice and downloaded stickam..... what have I done.....


Satan said...

i can attest to all that erin has said

but then my stick cam connection kept dropping

without stickcam my powers are limited

as far as i know she later got naked rubbed one out with the frog and showed her feet to the perv

she is like that

Mone said...

Oh erin, you have so sexy feet...
... did you have tomato soup for dinner?

Helen Mansfield said...


I chatted with a dude once on AOL — he seemed nice enough.

After a couple of weeks, I gave him my cell phone number. He calls me, first thing he wants is for me to go to the little girls' room, go number one, and put the phone down where he could hear it.

I immediate called my cell phone provider and had my number changed. Then, I boiled my computer for good measure. Even it felt dirty after that whole exchange.

Velvet Fog said...

I dabble in weird now and again believe it or not, and that is certainly weird-on many levels.

Mele Kalikimaka!

Grant Bailie said...

That certainly is weird...though the fact that a guy named Satan is your witness to these events might be a clue or something.

Hal said...

When my new pooter is up and running, I need to get stickcam.

Erin O'Brien said...

Friends: pix on the way.

Bostick: Broadcasting or not, doesn't matter. Weird people find me at the effing grocery store!

Eric: I am your sire!

Satan: You're lord of the dark and you can't even get your stickam to load?

Mone: Actually, I use the soup to bathe my feet.

Helen: you win hands down. THAT is weird, weird, weird.

Dong: We've managed to weird you out. Now that is saying something.

Bailie: That occurred to me too.

Hal: And will you show us your feet?

Bugwit said...

Good lord, girl, you hang in a fun crowd! I'd get astick-cam but, if satan himself can't figure it out, I know I'd have a devil of a time.

What? Oh, that wasn't so bad!

Hal said...

Erin, of course I'll show you my feet!

Anonymous said...

Oh, masticate...

Which of Satan's junior toy line do you use for that?

Such a clever writer you are.

I'm really starting to like you.