Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Meet Erin O'Brien

Join me and fellow author Richard Montanari, for "Lyrical Wines" at Budapest Blonde, at 7 p.m. on Dec. 6. Cost is $25. For reservations, call 440-237-0292 or call the bar at 216-328-8780 anytime after 4 p.m.


Dean said...

I wish I were in Cleveland
Now that Xmas is here
I'd go to Budapest Blonde
with O'Brien
and drink myself a beer.

Mone said...

Too bad I live to far away and I'm not rich enough for a private jet Sweetie, I would be rigth there with you...

XOXO mone

Bugwit said...

Do I get a plane ticket with that $25? If so, I'm all over it.

Satan said...

i am going to stop by motha fuckers

someone give me twenty five bucks

write it off on your taxes as a donation to a charitable organization

i am my own religion

it is very lucrative

plus the irs is mine

Anonymous said...


Maureen McHugh said...

I'm just so amazed that this blog is a time travel machine. I read this post and it's 12/06/06.

And I still haven't done ANY Christmas shopping.

Toby said...

Lyrical Wines

josh williams said...

Sounds fun, but I am headed to Birmingham to visit a friend in need, really... Unless I can not get help to cover the shop.Have fun and cheers. JW

Anonymous said...

You're screwing with me O'Brien, the date, the date.....Wednesday, December 6, 2006 ---- I didn't know what day it was.....but today is 12/3/2006 SUNDAY - you're a prophet......I forgot!

This just came to my mind though....'there's mud all over the door, there's mud all over the door' it makes me smile :-)

~d said...

damn, da-damn damn.

Cannot make it.
Very sad.
Would (heart)
LOVE to be there.

Will so totally be thinking of you on Wednesday.

Satan said...

stick cam is not my friend

i shall bring hell upon those bastards

Anonymous said...

Fudge hell I bet satan

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin! XOXO

Grant Bailie said...

I wish I could go--it would be like a reunion of sorts, but I have prior commitments, also, there is the little matter of 25 dollars and my legendary cheapness.

henri Banks said...

damn i was to late !!!