Sunday, June 01, 2014

Man on Wire

There is much to love about Man on Wire.

For starters, it projects the Twin Towers through a long forgotten lens. It also filled me with melancholy nostalgia over how much we've lost over the 40 years since Philippe Petit and his ragtag crew pulled off the staggering feat of breaching both towers and tethering a high wire between them--not to mention Petit's mind-numbing performance.

Aside: A glimmer of hope remains. Despite the odious and ubiquitous eyes of Big Brother, his presence has not completely squashed the spirited impetus behind such spectacles.

Now go on and add Man on Wire to your queue. It will fill you with sighs and leave you feeling high.

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Big Mark 243 said...

... I have seen this a couple of times EOB and I agree... it does seem like the little guy and his gang creating such a scene of incredible hubris is rare ... at least one with any kind of substance... thanks for the reminder of a man who would not settle for being ordinary..!

Anonymous said...

And then Snake Pliskin ruined it for everyone when he landed that glider up there

No respect.

Dudesworty said...

I think the blame for that really lies with van cleef - or maybe the president for getting kidnapped in the first place...

Erin O'Brien said...

Welcome back, Dude, and thanks for dropping in and commenting.