Saturday, June 21, 2014

A hole in the city

Hoyt Block Building atrium

Excerpted from this article:

Enter the door of 700 W. St. Clair and you'll find yourself in the Hoyt Block Building atrium, a gorgeous and airy space that's open to the public and perfect for coffee breaks and brown bag lunches. And while this multi-storied space, with it's exposed brick walls, greenery and windows that peer into adjacent offices, is inviting on its own, the confounding space showcased in its rear windows is one of the oddest things you likely will encounter downtown (intoxicated asphalt Romeos and Juliets notwithstanding).

Call it a space that dreams of one day becoming a courtyard.

"It's like a donut hole," says veteran Cleveland architect Jennifer Coleman. "All of the buildings on the block encircle it." A grand set of stairs leads nowhere in this space that's open to the sky, but nothing else. A brick wall crumbles in one corner. Boarded up windows tell no tales.

"It almost has a European ruin feel to it."

The fates have allowed me to offer this media, thus you may judge Cleveland's mysterious hole in the city for yourself:

Lastly, a winterscape view of the space from inside the atrium:

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