Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alt Cleveland

For this week's Fresh Water, I've rounded up a whole slew of the wierd, the alt and the tripped-out, Cleveland style. In that link, you'll find pagans and worms and Angels and garlic and a walrus. It was a blast to write. I hope it's as much fun to read.

As usual, I like to serve up a side dish with something that meaty, so here are some companion pix. Click to embiggen:

Chalk lady

Awaiting Method of Spirit Communication workshop

Ritzy Toynbee

Backstage ghost hunt

Pic from a guarded coast, Erie style

Mysterious pagan detritus

Terrifying taco-in-a-bag

Concrete cave

Alt fashion

* * *


Anonymous said...

Red Jacket/cowboy-hat-dude is WELL worth the price of admission.


Anonymous said...

Almost emailed you yest but decided against it, now my impulse conrol has failed so this is as good a place as any. Chatted with a former Buckeye yest who said Lake Erie was the shallowest of the Great Lakes and as such a sort of polluted backwater, filling up with algae and invasive species and it stinks. Beauty in the eyes of the beholder I suppose.