Thursday, January 09, 2014

Hidden CLE

This week's Fresh Water features an article I just loved to research and write: hidden CLE, the coolest things in plain site you've likely never seen.

After finishing up my interview with architect Jennifer Coleman, I took a recon/field trip and visited all the hidden gems in order to get a better handle on my content. The Goat and I made a morning of it and had a blast. Predictably, I took a bunch of photos. Here's a sampling of them to accompany the article. Click on any to enlarge.

The Prospect Avenue Row House Group

The Weizer Building at East 118 and Buckeye Road

The Goat helped scope out the scene

The Esmond, where rockers and bachelors used to romp

The Hoyt Block Atrium

And a special delivery courtesy of Mark Reigelman during a fairer season

*  *  *

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