Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Waiting for Godot and a gallon of mascara

This post, which is not about the government shutdown, John Boehner, Ted Cruz or (ahem) Denis Hastert, will detail some important minutiae for the readership.

Giant solid bronze chicken head in Cleveland Museum of Art Atrium

-The tag on a king-sized flat sheet goes on the foot of the bed, on the right side corner (as you face the bed). To those out there who have been seeking this information, you're welcome. How did I untangle this Gordian domestic knot? By buying striped sheets.

-This is the most beautiful picture of Marilyn Monroe I have ever seen.

-In the early Harry Potter movies, the newspapers had moving images. By the time the series ended, however, this "magical" detail was irrelevant as tots and adults alike all had iPads, upon which newspapers had come to life with embedded video. Think about that: movie magic came to fruition so fast, it outran Hollywood.

Can you dig it?

-Ironically, the undesirable ingredients in a Reese's Cup (Polyglycerol polyricinoleate [aka PGPR], tert-Butylhydroquinone [aka TBHQ], citric acid [to preserve freshness]) all come together with the more predictable components (sugar, cocoa butter, milkfat) to produce one of life's most craptastic experiences.

-I found Aurora Snow's letter to her unborn child to be positively touching and honest.

-I just purchased a tube of CoverGirl LashBlast mascara. Using my keen mathematical skills, I have extrapolated the price ($6.94 for 0.21 fl. oz.) for one gallon of said cosmetic, which would total $4,230.

This post is done.

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DogsDontPurr said...

Oh good Lord....don't tell me how much my Armani mascara costs by the gallon. I may just have to stop wearing mascara! Perhaps our Hungarian Goddess has a recipe for making our own? (Or better yet, how many gallons of mascara did Tammy Fay Baker consume during her life time? And at what cost to her parishioners?) Ha!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what a giant bronze chicken head would set you back?


Anonymous said...

Here's another item for which the unit cost ruins the experience:

Filet Mignon-$16 to $20/lb

Jack Link's beef jerky-$35/lb
@RJ-I dunno what one would cost, but if you get a buyer I know where to get one. With scrap prices in the city what they are they were insane to put those things in the frickin' Atrium.

Anonymous said...

TRIVIA: In the film "The Warriors" actor David Patrick Kelly (Luther) completely ad-libbed the famous "Warriors...come out and play..." line, which must've took some stones because it was his first role. The director Walter Hill must've liked it because he later cast Kelly in "48 HRs."...in which he played the character called... 'Luther.'

If anyone is interested in more head...information than Erin was willing to part with, the local fishwrap/sports page Cleveland Plain Dealer ran a pretty nice profile on August 11, 2013. Which I know because I haven't been diligent recycling the papers.

The name 'Milton Green' was familiar to me and I googled his name. There's a very good reason why he was able to capture some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful photographs ever taken of Ms Monroe. If you're inarrested you can google him too.


PS-also me with the jerky head...or jerky/head...comment.

Erin O'Brien said...

Man-o-man, I don't have a recipe for homemade mascara, but I will tell you this: those bronze heads in the art museum are absolutely staggering. I took a boat-load of pix, but they just don't convey the feeling of these things. My advice to anyone in the CLE area: don't miss this one. Why should you? It runs through January.

I did not read up on the installation before seeing it, but here is the profile MR referenced. Go for the size reference pic, stay for the copy.

I am amazed on how much the heads impacted me without knowing their history. It's as though they don't need their own backstory. They have their own story to tell by just being.

rraine said...

reese's cups...in DARK CHOCOLATE.
need i say more?