Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sing along with Walt and the gang from Breaking Bad

A musical interlude courtesy of one of my fave TV shows.

You've heard Windy a thousand times.

That song is yours whether you like it or not; and it's familiarity makes Wendy's daily grind yours as well. Also, note how everything Wendy does in the clip is about her mouth. Drinking a can of root beer and eating noodles lend a subtle normalization to the street felatio and crack pipe--you're not as far away from her as you'd like to think. You're so close, in fact, you can almost taste the mouthwash.

Everyone knows it's Win-dy!

Crystal Blue Persuasion is similar to the Windy montage as far as the pop tune device is concerned, but it's broader in content. So broad, in fact, that Walt's immaculate meth flies around the world--magical blue jewels that transform into money as soon as you let them go.

Ain't it beautiful?

Ten brutal prison murders choreographed against Nat King Cole's satin voice in the space of two minutes.

Pick yourself up ... dust yourself off ...

That, my friends, is how it's done.

*  *  *


Michael Lawless said...

Breaking Bad: I don't watch the show, but, wow, he sure went all the way to the dark side.

Anonymous said...

Another mad genius musical moment: Tony Soprano in the Escalade, driving and singing along with Steely Dan's "Dirty Work."

I never followed this program either. Like 'Mad Men', I was unable to find a single likeable character in it. (Unless: Do Christina Hendrick's hips count as a character? I found them quite likeable.) I realize that sounds a bit hackneyed, but I'm not interested in spending time with a program without at least one, and if I were there's always the news. Maybe I'll try to find the first season used and watch it back-to-back-to-back.