Thursday, September 05, 2013

On Ariel Castro: the Erin O'Brien interview

While Eric and I were enjoying what is arguably the best corned beef sandwich in the world yesterday, an anchorwoman and cameraman from a local news channel came into the restaurant. The woman started asking people about their reaction to the Castro suicide and what they think should be done with the estimated $1 million that will be saved in taxpayer dollars courtesy of his truncated prison stay.

I listened on as the man next to me reported that he's glad Castro is dead and that the savings should be spent on education as an educated society is a good thing.

Fortunately for the pretty blonde reporter, she didn't approach me. For the entertainment of my readers, however, I will interview myself on the topic herein.

What was your reaction to the Castro suicide. Were you glad to hear he hanged himself?

I would never celebrate any suicide.

But what about all the money the taxpayers will save? It's estimated to be upwards of one million dollars.

Listen up, Girl Reporter, no one enjoys paying to house inmates, but it goes with the territory.  My taxes are used to pay for plenty of things I don't like. The bullets Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales used to murder Afghan women and children come to mind, but if you want to talk about prisons, I'll talk about prisons.

I wonder how many of my tax dollars are going to feed the private prison lords as they lobby my legislators to pass laws that throw as many people in jail as possible, for the longest time possible. Because I'm not too keen on the idea of prison for profit AND I think-

(Girl Reporter interrupts)

Um ... but ... but don't you think Castro was a monster?


I think speaking ill of the dead is a bad idea most of the time, and particularly when the body's still warm. That man's young daughter might be watching these unfortunate interviews. It is not my place to tell her that half of her DNA came from a "monster."

I hope that little girl finds peace. I hope she comes to terms with all of this over the years, whatever that might mean. I wish the same for all of Castro's kin as well as Amanda, Gina and Michelle.

Now I'm going back to my corned beef. Go to hell.

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Mrs. C said...

The voice of reason, as ever.

Anonymous said...

"...the savings should be spent on education as an educated society is a good thing..." AS LONG AS IT"S A CHARTER SCHOOL TEACHING INTELLIGENT DESIGN.


Dave Levingston said...

Very well said.

Erin O'Brien said...


A bit more commentary going on here, although I have no idea how much of it is publicly viewable.

Kristian said...

An awesome interview!

And now I want a corned beef (with potato pancakes used as the bread).

Tony Rugare said...

Well put!

Erin O'Brien said...

A related essay if anyone's interested.

Anonymous said...

Say Amen! I agree. I do not celebrate a suicide. Ever. Your words of reason are filled w/ compassion and integrity. Ciao.

Fred Brehm said...

You rock!

Anonymous said...

This whole story is sad all the way around. The three women he kidnapped...all they went through and will go through. And the little girl he fathered. Nothing can ever excuse one person's bad actions toward another, and yet I muster some sympathy because of the supposed terrible childhood he had. It's a vicious circle that perpetuates itself but is avoidable. So tragic.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I dig where your coming from Erin. But I would have prefered him alive and in solitude. I would like to know when the creep crossed my mind, that he was suffering.

Bill said...

Erin. You've probably thought about this subject more than most and have certainly written about it in very personal ways. I tend to agree with your point of view. Perhaps surprisingly, I don't agree with the death penalty, for the most part, either. I'm curious, now, about your view on assisted suicide.

Erin O'Brien said...

While I've spent years unraveling the knot of suicide, Bill, I haven't thought much about assisted suicide. Methinks either topic is entirely too big for such a little comment box.