Friday, July 05, 2013

Really, Ohio?

I'm afraid that the legislators in Ohio are so pro-life, they're going to let someone die to prove it.

--Catholic physician Jason Melillo of Kingsdale Gynecologic Associates in Columbus, Ohio. Melillo does not perform elective abortions but testified nonetheless against the abortion restriction regulations that were part of Ohio's 2013 two-year budget, which was signed into law by Gov. John Kasich on June 30. Melillo's commentary aired on the July 2, 2013 edition of To the Point: Abortion: The Law Is Clear but the War Rages On.

The budget bill also included restrictive birth control regulations.

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Anonymous said...

Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, etc. Right trying to get a law on the books that will end up with SCOTUS as a challenge to Row before anymore Justices appointed by a Democrat. All in on the culture wars. GOP knows demographically they're toast for 2016 and beyond.



• In response to a harsh anti-abortion bill in the Ohio state legislature called the “Heartbeat Bill,” Democratic State Sen. Nina Turner introduced a bill regulating boner pills:

Under Senate Bill 307, men taking the drugs would continue to be tested for heart problems, receive counseling about possible side effects and receive information about “pursuing celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice.”

“Even the FDA recommends that doctors make sure that assessments are taken that target the nature of the symptoms, whether it’s physical or psychological,” Turner said. “I certainly want to stand up for men’s health and take this seriously and legislate it the same way mostly men say they want to legislate a woman’s womb.”

Anonymous said...

Take special notice of Mr Kasich's political cowardice in signing this provision buried in a budget bill instead of exercising his line-item veto authority. It is speculated that he decided to acquiesce in this because the wing-nuts down state were already pissed off that he decided to accept the cash Ohio will get for Medicaid expansion under the ACA.


Bill said...

Check out this Ohio abortion warrior

Anonymous said...

The Daily Beast article glosses over the motivations of Ohio Right-To-Life. They didn't come out against a Heartbeat Bill merely because they fear legal challenges. Ohio Right-To-Life came out against the Heartbeat Bill because it's a publicity stunt and because it does exactly precisely zero to help women who find themselves facing difficult, gut-wrenching decisions.

See Connie Schultz column 2/13/11 in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.