Thursday, July 04, 2013

American beauties

I purchased these snapshots for $2 a piece from Stagecoach Antiques. The shop boasts literally thousands upon thousands of found snaps and postcards. I browsed long enough to find this bevy of beauties.

So Happy birthday, Uncle Sam, from some real American sweethearts and yours truly.

Brandy Alexanders all the way around, please, Mr. Bartender.

High-style wintering in Florida.

Bette, you sure don't need my help.

I'd have coffee with you girls any day of the week. We could dish the dirt on the boss's winks and complain about how those cheap garter belts from the five and dime aren't worth a shake o' salt.

Now pass me the sugar, sweetie, and have a great Fourth of July.

* * *


Yabu said...

Nice. I've been scanning every photograph my family has, and they have a lot of 'em. I've found hundreds taken around the same time these were. Way too damn cool is all I can say. I'm lucky to have 'em, and so are you. Don't run into that kind of stuff every day

Thomas said...