Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Phone cam round-up: whirlwind Akron getaway

Goat perusing entrance of Stagecoach Antiques.

You guys have any wooden shoes? Um, yeah.
You have any flags? Yup. We've got flags.
But what about plates? Do you have any plates? Aw ya dumb guy, can't ya see we got plates?

Candy cane girl, humble hostess, and sleeping lion inside Stagecoach.

Lunch selection for whirlwind getaway: Akron Family Restaurant.

Salt anti-caking technique employed at Akron Family Restaurant.

Candy selection at check-out counter, Akron Family Restaurant.

Menacing greeter, the Bomb Shelter Store.

Goat, horse and bunny coexisting in Bomb Shelter.

Evidence of a kindred spirit at Bomb Shelter.

Yogi Bear appearance during whirlwind Akron getaway.

Alternative transportation department, Bomb Shelter.

* * *


Contrary Guy said...

Just realized my basement looks like an Akron junk shop. Time for a clean up!

Big Mark 243 said...

Looks like the place I would want to be for the Zombie Apocalypse... getaway bike and everything..!

rick slark said...

I have heard Akron is nice this time of year. Youngstown too!

dean said...

I love places like the Akron Family Restaurant. If they're even halfway decent, that is.

Goat always looks a little bemused by The Erin-ness. I would have thought he was used to you by now.

Goat said...

Along for the ride is a more apt term. I wake up every day to a new adventure as a participant in "The Offices of Erin O'Brien" . Life does not get better than this.