Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fathers Day Eve

Sometimes, Lil' OB talks about being on the "struggle bus," or worse yet, driving said bus. Lil' OB spent a good amount of time on the struggle bus courtesy of the Mini Cooper, for instance, while she endeavored to master its manual transmission.

Having a difficult time interacting with the seven different remote controls in your living room? You're on the struggle bus. Squirrels and chipmunks can often drive a grown man onto the struggle bus.

I've logged a few miles on the struggle bus myself, whenever I try to find an empty sour cream container and its matching lid for instance, or corralling the evil pet bunny back into her cage (a floor show you have to see to believe), even trying not to mar freshly painted nails with those silly toe separators. The list goes on and on.

The Goat frequently drives the struggle bus, mostly suffering in silence. I'll find him sitting before the computer, brow collapsed in consternation as iTunes glows before him.

"What's the problem, Hon?"

"How do I know if it's downloading?"

I click. The download screen magically appears. The struggle bus pulls back into the station.

Last week, however, 'twas Lil' OB and your humble hostess on the struggle bus. Not sure how this happens in a world of ubiquitous advertising, but we somehow thought last Sunday was Fathers Day and gave the Goat his gift--a tumbling compost bin.

Perhaps because I was on the struggle bus myself, I did not get a photo of the Goat assembling the compost bin, which was pretty much wall-to-wall struggle bus material that even included a spate of Universal Repair (a method by which the operator repeatedly impacts an incooperative object with a hammer).

In the end, however, the Goat triumphed.

And as you can see, we wasted no time in putting our new apparatus to use.

So happy Fathers Day Eve to all the dads out there. Have a beer. Stay off the struggle bus and know we love ya 365 days a year.

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Elisson said...

Where da "like" button at?

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, you got him a prezzie so he can do work for you. If he got you a washing machine or an ironing board you'd eat him for breakfast. Why didn't you get him flying lessons. Surely fathers day is designed to laud his efforts not a letter grade with could do better in the comments section. :-D

Michael Lawless said...

A man's "Struggle Bus" evolves. Until the age of about 40, it's all about sex. The next 30 is about golf or boy toys or getting rich. And finally, over 70, it's all about a decent bowel movement. Happy Father's Day guys.

philbilly said...

I once wired my Mom a big bouquet of roses in late March, 1974 from Colorado, where I was, by day, studying gearhead stuff at Denver Automotive, and at night living the words to "Rocky Mountain High" and "Ridin' the Storm Out". A radio commercial had informed me that March 23rd, 1974 was "Mother's Day", meaning Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention were at the Denver Coliseum with opening act REO Speedwagon.

Mom called to thank me and inform me that Mother's Day was still three weeks away. Well, it's the thought that counts. Show kicked ass, too.

philbilly said...

"Until the age of about 40, it's all about sex. The next 30 is about golf or boy toys or getting rich. And finally, over 70, it's all about a decent bowel movement"

For me , the reverse has been true.

Anonymous said...

I'm 54. It is still mostly all about sex. I have never been afflicted by golf. My only concern for riches is that I have twenty or thirty scoots a month to spend on 'boy toys', which in my case ARE toys-tiny trains or tinier ships. My colon still performs to spec with original equipment.

Should I be happy or worried?


Goat said...

Well boys...

Sex love and rock n roll (and toys). All the above comments may be true, but I win since I ended up with the owner of the Owners Manual. (Even with my time on the struggle bus). Not sure how that happened but I say Hallelujah every morning.

Happy Father's Day.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, that's pretty well said there, Goat. Usually I only get the kind of karma that runs over your dogma, but I feel the same way most mornings...


PS-Why does your wife have bubble gum stuck in between her toes above, and is that why the Tiki god looks on so disapprovingly?

Big Mark 243 said...

... would he be the Goat if he could not assemble said composter-thingy..?

... I am on a passenger on the struggle bus so frequently that I have preferred seating... but at least I get to wherever I am going..!

DogsDontPurr said...

Awwww.....the Goat speaks!

Happy Father's Day to all the good dads out there!

Erin O'Brien said...