Thursday, May 23, 2013

The times they are a-changin--at a hiVelocity

The readership may be a bit curious about my online absence of late.

Well folks, I've been occupied with my new duties as Managing Editor for hiVelocity, a weekly online publication that covers Ohio's entrepreneurial, tech and start up communities. I am beside myself with joy over this.

Where do I start? How about with some of what we're featuring this week:

--I love that Cleveland Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert's business accelerator snags peeps from the coasts and brings their talents to Ohio.

Take that, LeBron.

--Now dig this quote from Toledo entrepreneur Gene Powell:

Too much emphasis is placed on working smarter. I think it’s overrated. Most times you just need to roll up your sleeves and work harder than anyone else around you.

Got truth?

As a fifth generation Northeast Ohioan, I've seen a lot of changes in this state. My ancestors came in the 1850's to farm the rich soil of the Cuyahoga Valley. My dad designed and built machinery in the heart of the Rust Belt while it was still thrumming with life.

Now I will be covering what's next, new and razor sharp at points across the state. What can I say about that? Oh wait--I know.


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Jon Moore said...

I've no doubt that hiVelocity got the better end of the deal.
Well done, Erin O'Brien.

Tony Rugare said...

Your writing and engineering background seem like a perfect fit. Congratulations.

rick slark said...

Congrats on the new gig.

Joe said...

congrats on the gig

Anonymous said...

"Let me remind you of General Yamashita's motto: 'Be happy in your work."-Col Saito, "The Bridge on the River Kwai."

Glad you found a happy place-If it can't be me I'm glad it's you...


Cleveland Bob said...

Well done, lass.

You're a fantastic asset to our minds, our city and our region.

Yabu said...

Cool Runnings!!!

Bill said...

Way to go Erin. Fantastic. How many changes did you make to the, linked to, story? Just curious about how difficult it is to let a writer write without suggesting changes that are more in line with your style.

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks so much, gang. As for changing up stories, the existing writing staff is top notch and for that I am thankful.

Every publication takes on the shape of its editor, and so it will be with hiVelocity. But for now, I'm still getting up to speed and trying not to embarrass myself.

Much thanks in advance to anyone who "likes" us on facebook. (which is still so silly to me) or signs up for our weekly newsletter on our homepage.

Lastly, YES it is true that my headshot is three years old. SO KILL ME ALREADY. It was the only professional pic I had!

John Venlet said...

Erin, congratulations on being named managing editor. That'll keep ya busy.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Erin-

Don't worry about the three-years bit on your photo. It still is far better than that profile pic you ran a while back-It looked like it came straight off the cover of the ELP album 'Trilogy.'

Google it-it's a dead ringer.

Anonymous said...

Hint: if some guy name Holder gives you a resume, you might want to do a bit of checking. just say