Monday, April 01, 2013

Coffee kisses and unslippers

Sometimes I am so overjoyed at the prospect of my first cup of coffee in the morning that I shower the rim of the mug with tender little kisses before taking a sip.

My slippers cost $100. I am neither proud of this, nor unproud of it.

I do not care if unproud is not a word, although I am a bit concerned about the comma in the previous sentence.

In the first sentence of this post, I refer to "my first cup of coffee." This is misleading. The usage of "first" implies there is to be a second or third. In reality, I rarely have more than one cup of coffee. As the readership can see, however, it is a very large cup of coffee.

One might say my coffee cup is as big as my foot. Or one might not.

I dislike removing toenail polish.

While not entirely obvious in today's photo, the soles of my slippers are fashioned from sturdy rubber and will, in fact, not slip (a determining factor in their purchase). Hence, my slippers are essentially unslippers.

Fortunately for the readership, Lil' OB entered the Offices of Erin O'Brien while I was taking the photo for today's post and said as I pointed the camera at my feet, "So this is what it's like being a famous writer," effectively bathing my life in truth and prompting an end to this post.

*  *  *


Cleveland Bob said...

Pie for breakfast and now this. Where will the zany day lead next?!

Tony Rugare said...

"unproud" and "unslippers" - only on "Dyngus Day".

Joe said...

There is nothing like a cold slap of truth hidden in our kid's commentary to really wake us up. Who needs coffee when our children are around?

Anonymous said...

TEEN: "Mom, can I have $50? Me and my chums wanna go to the mall."

EOB: "No. No you can't. And now you know what it's like to have a famous writer ruin your afternoon."


Anonymous said...

@ Erin-on a more serious note, I find my eye is drawn to seemingly minor details in photographs. For instance, I'm pretty sure that's a package of Papermate-brand pens in your desk drawer.

On your mega-burrito post, all I could think of was how beautiful that copper ceiling would look if one had the energy and the inclination to strip it and restore it.

I saw a photo recently of a woman in an especially acrobatic pose on an adult site. She took care to conceal her face, but not a rather impressive tattoo on her hip. And there were perfectly recognizable faces on family photographs in the background.

To paraphrase the great American philosopher Lisa Simpson, it seems as if my brain wants to gather facts while sometimes missing the point completely.


Erin O'Brien said...

I always meticulously study the periphery details in a photo.

The pens are actually Bic Cristals that you buy 10 for a dollar on sale. They are my favorite pens. They always work and produce a clean even line.

The real question should have been, "so why the hell do you have a bottle of Softsoap on your desk."

Now then ... adult? acrobat?

Bill said...

going to an adult site and missing the point? Is that the modern version of looking at playboy for the articles?

Anonymous said...

@ Erin-I just now noticed that your slippers appear to be on the wrong feet. See what I mean? My eye seeks the trivial and the tangent.


John Venlet said...

Erin, 100 dollar slippers, in my experience, are worth every penny. They're capable of shuffling round the house, a walk down the driveway to fetch the mail in rain or snow, and even a drive to the grocery store to pick up a pound of bacon. Enjoy them.

Also, as my Dad always said, "It costs a bit more to go first class, but it's usually worth it." I found this true.

Anonymous said...

Caffeine is life. It never occured to me to kiss my cup, but now I may. I am not a writer but I, too, struggle with commas. I think I use too many. But my real nemisis is(are?) hypens. Fragrances make my nose run. Those little wick stick things seem kind of candy ass for a Clevelander. I enjoy these posts because it affirms to me I'm not the only person obsessed with minutiae. As an example, I've made the acquaintence of a PhD Economist (anarchist-watch out cons) and we were discussing the Bitcoin situation(aren't you?). She said "They are money just like stones on Yap." Now I'm preparing a dissertation on stone Yap money.


Anonymous said...

@ RJ-it's 'nemesis', 'nemeses' in the plural. Not trying to pick yer nits-I only know it because I had to look it up last week.

BUT: That's not why I called. Google "Washington Post peeps diorama contest." You will be happy you did.


WV: 'aftergo'-A flashback of an episode of 'vertigo.'

Anonymous said...

I am glad I did. lmao.


Erin O'Brien said...

I am here, gang, just busy with houseguests and life and trying to earn some Yap money.

Anonymous said...

Which raises an interesting question.(or not) If you were a wealthy woman on Yap would people say "That Erin has sure got some big stones."


Anonymous said...

"Yap money"? Isn't that the pay earned by talk-show hosts?