Friday, March 29, 2013

Your holiday feast

Cleveland's West Side Market does things old school. It is indeed where I went to purchase my leg of lamb for Sunday's feast. Of course a few snaps were in order during my shopping excursion.

Let's start off on a sweet note ...

... before we visit a school of fish.

Per the butcher, behold, "The south end of a northbound lamb."

Perhaps the north end of the same lamb? Dunno, but I'm guessing his destination was different.

Bone for dog or bone of dog? Either way, all I can say is woof.

Less traditional options abound.

And lastly, a bevy of bunnies.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

*  *  *


Bill said...

imagine, whatever that is in the third picture, wearing a pair of yoga pants. Thigh separation and everything.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of life is not to be someones dinner.


Tony Rugare said...

Too lazy to get out there. Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

I hate to double dip but I can't tear myself away. Sorta like gawking at an accident on the highway. Anyway...Market posts call for Al as Machine Shop posts call for philbilly. To wit: WTF does one do with a Goat's Head that would make it seem ok to eat it?

RJ, The Perplexed.

P.S. If our hostess was cooking at a restaurant would Sunday's Special be "Leg of Lamb of God?"

Erin O'Brien said...

Behold Magiritsa. And yes, I've bellied up to a bowl in my time.

DogsDontPurr said... the picture on the cover of the Rolling Stones album finally makes sense to me. I can't believe it's taken me all these years.

Goat's Head Soup!

Anonymous said...

Hey RJ-

My in-laws are Greek, off-the-boat Greek. While all of us 'Yankee-Doodles"(yes, I am called that from time to time by in-laws)are fighting over the most tender and juicy bits the Greeks are sitting around a table with a couple of bottles of Retsina,forks, a hammer, and the lamb's skull. This usually takes place after they have seen how many 'yankee-doodles' fall for the good ol' 'mountain oysters' gag.


Ms Amanda said...

Candy coated peeps on a stick. Hmmm. Just yesterday I order a milk chocolate covered peep and a dick chocolate covered one for my husband. No, that's not a typo I actually asked the poor teenage boy behind the counter for that... Poor kid. My embarrassed stumbling to get out the words dark chocolate was super classy though.
On a brighter note, my 15 yr old thought it was fantastic and hilarious!

Anonymous said...

@ Ms Amanda...Just curious, because it's not all that clear from your story: Was the initial 'dick' chocolate deliberate?


Ms Amanda said...

Nope, not at all. Meant to say dark chocolate. Shoulda made that clear...

Kirk said...

Happy Easter

Craig Hughes said...

And on a lighter, but terrific subject, we will soon be making our spring trip to Ohio City and the market. Similar fun, different atmosphere than Pittsburgh's strip district which I also highly recommend.