Sunday, March 17, 2013

You hoo at the zoo

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is open year round. My professional capacities took me there last week, late in the day. It was chilly and damp, apparently not fit for man nor beast; but your humble hostess persevered--at least to the elephant house.

Walking through the empty zoo proved spectacularly eerie. The music and soundtrack they pipe through the place made it all that much more haunting.

This tiny sampling will not do the event justice, but it was all I could manage given my time and electronic recording constraints.

* * *


Paul Holbrook said...

Genuinely cool. And surprisingly high tech given your typical lower tech photos. (Cellphone camera update, anyone?)

Like a little mini trip to the zoo.

Kirk said...
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Kirk said...

Erin, what's up with your previous post Next Big Thing? Every time I click it on, I get the title and nothing else. I see on the sidebar of THIS post that you got comments on it, so maybe it's just the computer I'm using. Care to rerun it, or at least tell me what the heck it was about?

Anonymous said...

Me too, Kirk. All I get is the preceding and empty "next big thing' and this one. Curiouser.


Erin O'Brien said...

I hope that helps, gents.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Erin...

I think I have a pretty close bead on your comment about being in an place when empty that you are used to experiencing when it is anything but empty.

I believe I might have mentioned a few times I spent a lot of time in the amusement park business.
Driving through Geauga Lake Park the day before opening or the day after closing, even after many years there, always fostered an odd emotion. I am at a loss to describe it.

I have not been out that way since they closed the place. I think I would not like to either.