Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wild Irish Rose

Random snaps from the 2013 Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade. And yes, that is Goat and Lil' OB in the last frame.

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Libby Spencer said...

Whoa. Lil' OB not so little anymore. How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

When St Patrick's day arrives in the US you are mostly well into Spring. Here though on the old sod we are at that equinox rocker where you can have what looks a lovely summery day but with an east wind that would freeze the flame on a match. Or the more usual, that same wind driving chips of tempered sleet horizontally. Brendan Behan described Mar 17th as the second most miserable day after Good Friday.
It is into this we get each and every year Majorettes, cheerleaders and marching bands from the US Oz and other parts far more climatically kind. Each year we have the vision of scantily clad people turning shades of colour you only meet in the freezer section of a supermarket. Makes ya proud to be Irish though when you see that level of grit and determination. And hell some of em even set dance their way down the main streets.

Anonymous said...

(OMG. A Clone.)

Once worked with a Irishman named Johnny Coghlan. On St. Patrick's day his entire wardrobe, over and underwear, was green. Interesting quirk about him was that sober he spoke perfectly but as he drank he would begin to stutter and the more he drank the worse the stutter. Happy Day to you wherever you are Johnny.


Jon Moore said...

What a great contrast in that third pic; high and tight meets low and loose.
Happy St Patrick's to you and the fam.

Norm said...

How totally fun. Also, holy cow, mini-OB is such a mini-OB it is kind of the height of unnecessary to point that out. Adorable.

Bill said...

Yep. What a cool little family you have, E! And, Jon, I just noticed the green belt in the third pic from the top. All in all a nice day. I like Saint Pat's day. Celebrated in tequila bar today. Pacifico beer with green lime.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family, Erin.


John Venlet said...

Erin, I know of the Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavaliers, but not the Cleveland cowboys in pic #5.

Erin O'Brien said...

We had such a blast.

It was about 31 degrees and gorgeous as long as the sun was out and the wind was down. When the clouds came and the wind started blowing, it got COLD in a hurry.

That chick in the boots was weavin' something fierce. Her entire party (about six of them?) were in search of "a fuckin' bar." What was really funny was ME tailing behind her trying to get a pic. There was another chick with back-laced white high-heeled platforms and skin tight white hot pants. She was moving to fast to get a snap.

Thanks for all the nice comments, gang.

Anonymous said...

"...chick with back-laced white high-heeled platforms and skin tight white hot pants. She was moving to fast to get a snap."-EO'B

I've known that regret.


Jon Moore said...


DogsDontPurr said...

That beautiful girl in the last pic....she has the coolest mom. And sometimes, when just the two of them go out, people think they're sisters.